Rumors about the launch of the LG phone of the fifth generation next LG G8 in the Congress of the phones global

إشاعات حول إطلاق إل جي هاتف من الجيل الخامس بجوار LG G8 في كونغرس الهواتف العالمي

Don’t separate us only a few weeks for the Congress of the Universal phones (MWC) in Barcelona next February where it will be the focus of attention of everyone interested in the latest versions of phones and technologies, which, as it seems that Korean company LG will take this opportunity to reveal a smart phone powered by the fifth generation next phone by LG G8 ThinQ according to the South Korean ETNews.

Where website reported that LG will be the newest version of its phone LG V40 ThinQ major owner of the five cameras is probably going to be the LG V50 ThinQ, explaining that it will have a 6-inch screen and processor Qualcomm with 7 nm Snapdragon 855 provider of refrigerated, as Will a modem of the fifth generation with a battery with a capacity of 4000 Milli amp.

Increased site ETNews of the confirmed case that the company will start by providing her phone in various parts of North America and Europe with the month of March; to come to talk to the domain is compatible with what has been stated by the company Sprint America during the past year for its work with LG to launch phone 5G in half of 2019 first, just wait it is getting very close to explaining this by ourselves on the 24th of February next.

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