Rumor: this is the ARM controller PlayStation 5

After nearly three years on the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro, and requires the audience of the new generation of Sony, which rumors say that the PlayStation 5.

The last of these rumors was concerning arms control, which published a picture of him on Twitter; it is said that his name DualShock 5 and includes a touch screen small add Shea for buttons traditional.

While the touch screen compatible with previous leaks andpatent registered by Sony, sources knowledgeable in the credibility of the image, has been described by some as β€œan elaborate hoax”, others noted that the screen may not be a good idea if their presence would negatively affect the battery life.

Sony has not confirmed any of the rumors PlayStation 5 before, so don’t expect to make sure of the authenticity of the photos, but the police reported that the PlayStation 4 at the end of his life, alludes to the launch of the PlayStation 5 coming soon, maybe the end of 2019 according to some sources.

If your image, still the role of the touch screen is opaque, and it was said that it can be used as a track like that in the notebooks to the rapid development in the interface of the system, and act as a window to view notifications and updates and even video communication during the game play.

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