Rumor: there is a device that Nvidia Shield new in the way


According to a new report from The Digital Fix the Nvidia Corporation of America, the giant technology and graphics cards, is working on a new version of your household who is popular among specific consumer Nvidia Shield.

According to the report the device will use the same chip to the current Tegra X1, which is also used in a new hybrid Switch with several improvements, it’s exciting to networks, large media such as Wall Street and Bloomberg and Nikkei confirms the advent of a device Switch Mini this year and it seems that Nvidia perhaps set the chip Tegra X1 improved through the reduction of its size (which allows to increase the number of transistors, and thus increase the frequency and reduce the heat) to buy the Nintendo with its desire to launch this chip improved in the devices Shield own also.

According to the report, the device Shield new Will Android 9, will Tool controller and remote, enhanced for the current model. In addition to that will market the device as compatible with the broadcast service Google Stadia and maybe say Nvidia release a version of the device without the control device to comply with of the will buy the tool Talk service Google.

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