Rumor: Sony will launch the service Playstation Plus Premium in 2020


Started service of Playstation Plus on the PlayStation II as a service to allow subscribers access to free games each month for the subscription specific, and evolved in the current generation to play over the network too, and more.

It seems that Sony is planning the auction, where a new report from the segmentnext that Sony intends to bring the service Plus the highest of existing Playstation Plus Premium, This service will allow users to experience the Alpha and beta exclusive to certain games, will also provide private servers (private servers) for games.

In addition, the report confirms that the disclosure of your Sony Home Playstation 5 will be in the second quarter of the current year, and that it will begin through the suspense of the simple, by providing more details later.

Anyway, keep these news under rumor until we get any official confirmation from Sony.

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