Rumor: Google buys Fitbit. Why?

News Agency Reuters claimsthat Google is negotiating the purchase of a Fitbit, a well-known manufacturer of wearable electronics. And, although the evidence that the purchase will take place at the moment, the fact that such negotiations are conducted, confirmed almost 100%. Why is it necessary for the search giant? And what this hypothetical purchase may result in only the mobile market?

Smart watch Fitbit. Perhaps very soon they will own Google

Why would Google need to buy a Fitbit?

As you know, Google, in addition to the Android Wear OS also develops and licenses it to companies such as Fossil (the owner of the brand Fitbit). And they, in turn, make smart watches and fitness trackers are running this mobile operating system. But however, Google is not developing its own product under Wear OS. Yes, according to some rumors, the search giant is all the same working on a smart watch. However, the deal with the Fossil will allow Google to better compete with Apple, which currently dominates as the market of smart watches and smart trackers with their Apple Watch.

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Buy Fitbit can allow Google to bring to market a smart watch running on Wear OS, and if it is a Fitbit brand, a name that is already known and trusted by millions of consumers, it has the potential to really pull the part of the audience of the Apple Watch. Some of the advanced technologies Fitbit, such as tracking sleep and other unannounced developments, the company will allow Google to immediately pull ahead, and not be catching up, as it was in the era of “topically” smartphones.

Why Fitbit to sell yourself to Google?

It’s even easier: Fitbit will have the resources necessary for development. Both monetary resources and intellectual. Because in the case of a merger, developments, and professionals from one company to consistently flow into one another. Analysts say that Apple took about half of the world market of smart watches in 2018, at that time, as Fitbit has recently suffered from weaker-than-expected sales. Association with Google may give Fitbit a much-needed boost and help you to reach a whole new level, in terms of launch of new devices and the development of the old lines of gadgets. Do you use wearable electronics? Tell us what gadget you have in our chat in Telegram.

How this purchase may affect the market of wearable electronics?

At the moment it’s hard to say for sure because no official confirmation of the deal. But if we assume that she has just taken place, the picture can be quite interesting. First, it is unlikely that old devices are thrown out to the scrap. So the line of Fitbit will develop more intensively, because the updates Wear OS gadgets will now get directly.

But that’s not all. Most likely, the next device the company will be subject to rebranding and will be aligned to one of the lines. Most likely, it will be a line Google Pixel. And if you take into account the fact that Google is with great probability has experience in the field of the hypothetical Pixel Watch, the Association with Fossil will give them as some functions, which can be embedded in smart watches, and production facilities to produce product in the shortest possible time.

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