RSA is launching a competition to search for the availability of the less fortunate in the UAE

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RSA تطلق مسابقة البحث عن المسافر الأقل حظاً في الإمارات

Back the second version of the quiz to search for the availability of the less fortunate in the UAE, launched today the “RSA” RSA, a leader in the provision of insurance services in the region, from 4 to 18 December, and the company in the framework of this year for two weeks about the availability of the less fortunate who have the worst image of the travel will be by its residents in UAE to use your travel photos not successful in order to win a great holiday to forget their bad luck.

Those interested can win the holiday special by participating in the contest and send their photo is successful with the details of their personal account on Instagram or Facebook using the official hashtag for the contest #RSATravelPhotoFails, and allows the “RSA” RSA travelers the chance to win to secure free travel through their journey ahead by visiting the official website of the competition, where they can also see pictures of the other participants.

It will appear in the posts panel of judges comprising a team of “RSA” and the RSA and a number of influential figures leading the United Arab Emirates, to publish your winning image on all the pages of the “RSA” RSA on social networking sites Facebook enter will directly contact the owner who will win a trip of a lifetime to the destination of their choice.

Said David Harris, director of marketing and distribution in the “R. S.,” RSA Insurance: “the contest aims to shed a global spotlight on how the impact of social media on our behavior during the holidays. We note that travelers deny planning their trips and conduct research on the best sites that you can publish her pictures on Instagram that they forget to purchase travel insurance policy. Often ignore travelers residing in the UAE the importance of peace of mind due to lack of awareness and information of the ocean but the insurance available in the market. Therefore, we launched this campaign that it allowed us to get closer to consumers and spread awareness about the importance of travel insurance”.

The contest on the results of the study “R. S.,” RSA about the impact of social media on the decision-making process for travelers, starting from planning the trip to post updates about their experiences, according to a study conducted under the title of “travel habits 2.0: travel in the age of social media”, it has been shown that 80 percent of travelers in the UAE are planning for them, taking into account the images that picking up the ex during the trip and share it through social networking sites.

While the feel 69 percent of the need to travel to a particular destination after the last publication of photos about her on social networking sites, and 65 percent of lenders in the UAE see that the images travel the most important things in their lives, and confirmed most of the participants (80 percent) they sustain yet of collapse in the event of loss of their travel photos, and for more information about the Contest, please visit the special page with “RSA” RSA Insurance in the UAE.

The gate Arab News Technical RSA is launching a competition to search for the availability of the less fortunate in the UAE

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