Rover VIPER — the latest development of NASA to colonize the moon

Moon — natural satellite of the Earth and the most likely place in our Solar system for the colonization of his humanity. The important resources for a potential colony of the future will be the key to the success of the lunar Outpost, which will need useful resources, among which the most important will be water. As the portal newatlas.comin order to get the most complete idea of the amount of water ice at the lunar South pole, NASA announced the start of development of a new mission to send the Rover named VIPER to conduct a new study.

3D visualisation of the Rover on the moon

Is there water on the moon?

The first evidence of water ice at the South pole of the moon appeared just at the moment when NASA crashed its LCROSS spacecraft into a nearby crater 10 years ago. Further research continued to hint at a large amount of water on the satellite of our planet, but VIPER (Volatils Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) is the first mission dedicated to the direct search for water in a particular way.

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The South pole of the moon is the intended primary landing site for the NASA Artemis program, which is aimed at the location of the first Outpost on our natural satellite in 2024, which will be on permanent basis to live a man and a woman, specially selected for the mission. If all goes according to plan, the Rover VIPER arrives on the moon 2 years earlier, preparing the necessary data on the amount of water ice in the region.

Rover VIPER — automated device that is aimed at finding water on the moon

The Rover the size of a Golf cart equipped with four scientific instruments, one of which will be specifically designed for mission drill with a length of 1 meter. Enter the drill will be transmitted by the system of the spectrometer the Rover is configured to detect the most humid region below the surface. The samples that he will pull out of these drilling sites, will then be analyzed another pair of on-Board spectrometers.

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In addition to gathering information on the availability of water, Rover, VIPER will also be used to collect data about the diversity of the soil and how it can affect temperature and light. The information collected will help scientists to compile a map of potential places where you can save water in the form of ice. In total, VIPER must spend 100 days, during which it will scour the surface of the moon in search of water. In other words, with the help of Rover, VIPER, the dream of colonizing the moon could be fulfilled in the coming years, a step bringing mankind to its cherished goal.

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