Router Nighthawk X4 is available on Amazon reduction $ 70

If your internet speed is very high but the router does not support it, you won’t enjoy high speed Internet. So you need to get a router that supports internet speeds as high as router Nighthawk X4 which supports speeds up to 2.35 Gbps, what gives you the ability to keep playing online without interruption, watching videos in 4K better. Wizard router dual cores at 1.4 GHz, which enhances the network performance, in addition to the four columns that help to deliver the signal levels out at high speed with stability of the network. – Previous price: 220$ – Current price: 150$ – To buy: Click here. – Shipped directly to Saudi Arabia at the price of 27.48$ – Shipped directly to the UAE at a price of 26.78$ – Shipping directly to Kuwait at a price of 37.70$ – Shipped directly to Bahrain at a price of 48.58$ – Shipped directly to Oman at a price of 26.03$

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