Router mesh from Linksys now supports the exploration of movement using Wi-Fi

Come services Linksys Aware now support router mesh Wi-Fi to explore movement without the need to use surveillance cameras, or any sensors other.

Company offers Linksys view to experience the services Linksys Aware new free for 90 day, to come to the service later at a price of $ 3 per month, or $ 25 per year.

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Made feature motion sensor via Wi-Fi without the use of surveillance cameras in other techniques, and today offers Linksys this feature via services Linksys Aware, but that the company did not provide details about how these technologies work, where projections indicate that the main idea of this technique is based on the use of Wi-Fi signals and direct them to reveal the motion in the ocean.

It is planned that the service works Linksys Aware to notify users when motion sensor in the vicinity of the router mesh Wi-Fi through the app Linksys Smart Wi-Fi which is available to users on the iOS platform slander, as the data will be stored for a period of up to 60 days.


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