Rolls-Royce dawn, made specially for one of the managers of Google

It seems that the Vice President of Engineering at Google, Benjamin, salwa, is one lovers and collectors cars, that’s why he had to request a highly customized version of the model Rolls-Royce down the Black budget, where the Executive Director of Rolls-Royce, the British, and Torsten Müller, with the safety car last Saturday, in the event the pebble beach concourse de elegance.

Designed to copy down your salwa in collaboration with the Department of the allocation of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, where I got a few touches inspired from the collection of the racing car of your salwa, his wife, which include style and rare as the Ferrari FXX-K, has also been making two-color custom two modern, commensurate with the design language of the car, to see the characteristic yellow color to Dark who cut his hood in dark blue unique, with the use of yellow New at the touch of a rim the same measuring 21 inches.

And continues the pattern of the colors inside the cabin in all of the seats, the dashboard and, in addition to trim the doors and interior.

This goes to the family of salwa possess a copy of the model Rolls-Royce down the standard already, which is used by his wife Christine spend daily needs, where pieces by 20,900 km so far.

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