“Roidmi F8”.. vacuum cleaner smart the lightest in the world

Change the vacuum cleaner “were the F eat” Roidmi F8 on all the parameters in vacuum cleaners usual, there is no tank of the vacuum cleaner motor by spam, not for electrical which operate the vacuum cleaner.

Post “ride F. 8” is the vacuum cleaner lightest weight in the world, and the least noise also, it works with a battery recharged, and the tank assembled dust built-in, so the dispensing tank for collecting dust which poses a hindrance while cleaning with brooms the usual, to become the weight of the vacuum cleaner is 1.5 kg only.

Motorola’s broom “ride F. 8” is working at 100 thousand rpm, to stop the suction power of the highly effective dust and contaminants, a battery of the vacuum cleaner can run for 55 minutes continuously on a single charge, which is enough for a distance of 370 square meters approximately.

As for accessories broom “ride F. 8”, capes, cover all needs, almost during cleaning, including the swivel head is more clean the floors, under furniture, and a brush to clean the exact places above the shelves, and clean the tight spaces between the furniture.

The smartphone app supplement with a broom “ride F. 8” can monitor the number of calories burned in a body of the organization, and to follow the status of the battery and measure charging, and the status of the filter, and receive alerts when the closet is a big dust.

Successfully funding campaign broom “ride F. 8” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled to hit the broom to supporting her by next August, the price of 289 dollars for the vacuum cleaner per hour (5,100 pounds).

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