Roger Ver and the Bitcoin Cash sponsor of MMA fighter Mei Yamaguchi. She lost the first fight

Last week the Bitcoin Cash signed a sponsorship contract with Japanese Mei Yamaguchi. Now fighter female MMA tournament held its first fight with the support of the founders of the coins. She came out to the ring in shape with the symbols of the BCH.

Roger Ver is sponsoring a women’s fight. All for the sake of Bitcoin Cash

In the battle for the title of world champion in the light heavyweight division rival Yamaguchi was Chinese Angela Lee. After five rounds of fierce fighting, the Japanese lost. Despite this, representatives of the Bitcoin Cash were you satisfied with the athletes.

We are proud of the efforts of Mei Yamaguchi during the world Cup and believe that she had a really good fight.

Earlier Ver said that Yamaguchi is also a supporter of Bitcoin Cash.

We are pleased that the sponsor may in this battle, and want the whole world to know what she is a great athlete. And she wants the world to know about Bitcoin Cash.

The defeat of the Japanese in the battle clearly became a cause for gloating from supporters of Bitcoin. About what started the confrontation between BTH and BTC, we are told here.

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