Robots have already replaced Barista coffee shops in San Francisco what it is?

A time when many people will be replaced by robots in their jobs, closer. But while such decisions cause surprise and interest. In the coffee shop X Cafe Barista prepares two drinks in one minute. The thing is that he’s not human. Automated conveyors is ready to accept and release orders in the coffee shop, San Francisco.

In fact, the specialists in Cafe X is still there. But it specialists in the technologies. They help machines to work. The idea of this coffee shop originated in 2015. Its Creator, Henry Hu, have received investments from the Fund Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, who wanted to see a coffee shop in action. Today they have two.

Outside Cafe X looks like a normal coffee shop, but inside you will not meet people. To many it may seem quite attractive. Don’t need anyone to talk to, no one messed up the order, and the coffee is prepared is always the same. To leave the order with a special touch of the terminal or through the mobile app. Classic drinks are $ 3. More complex are more expensive.

As soon as the order is placed, the robotic arm will take on its preparation, after which the drink can be obtained. Don’t expect works of art. Coffee robots. But you can choose your favorite grain and an alternative milk if you wish. Taste should not disappoint you.

The people in this coffee shop, consult visitors and also to fill up the grain, add milk and water. In other words, supply the robots with all necessary for work.

They say that the visitors appreciated the idea of coffee shops on the dignity and half of them are regular customers. Later in the year X Cafe will open its third coffee shop in San Francisco. In addition, the company is working on an updated Robotic Coffeebar 2.0. The new version will be able to handle three of the order of 40 seconds. The company believes that their robots in the future will appear outside of coffee shops and different organizations will set them up for employees and customers.

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