Robots carpenters from MIT have learned to make furniture according to the drawings

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a system capable of independently carpentry work with little or no human intervention. The system is called AutoSaw and consists of software and hardware, which is a semi-autonomous robot.

To begin with, the user selects a product template – there are currently only four available, but the software written for AutoSaw will create new samples in the future. During the selection of the template, the operator can set a number of parameters – the dimensions of the individual parts of the product and their shape. The program will clearly demonstrate the future result, analyze the future product for stability and reliability, pointing out weak points and other shortcomings. Once the computer layout is ready, the operator should give the signal to the program, after which it will convert the drawing into a robotic program, and they will start working by selecting the necessary materials themselves.

It sounds great, but so far, without help from human robots, carpenters can not do, because the "owner" not only has to ask them the parameters necessary for the production of the product, it is also necessary to prepare the workspace. And after the robot has made the parts according to the template, they still have to be assembled, so at least you need to hold the screwdriver in your hands.

Now AutoSaw is nothing more than a beautiful demonstration, but in the future, robots can really find their place in carpentry shops and construction sites, taking on a part of a complex and sometimes traumatic work. Some day the carpenter will be able to just come to work, set the program to the robots and control the process at a safe distance.

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