Rivian reveal pickup electric and Aleppo compete with Tesla

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Rivian تكشف عن سيارة بيك أب كهربائية وتدخل حلبة المنافسة مع تيسلا

Plan a car manufacturing company emerging Revin Rivian to view the first electric truck a small class pickup during the events of the Auto Show in Los Angeles which starts tomorrow, Friday, and includes the company’s founder and CEO R. J. Scaringe 35-year-old is optimistic about his desire to achieve the objectives of the automotive sector the most profitable in the United States is similar to what is done by a company Tesla with the luxury car sector, where he believes is supportive of his financial that the demand for truck pickup small electrical unrealized dramatically and lacks adequate funding.

The company intends to start selling Rivian R1T, a pickup truck, small electric, in the fall of 2020, but this will makes it the first company to enter the US market with a truck small pickup to electric, as the company Workhorse of the industry trucks, develop truck pickup Electric will be produced in 2019.

And Workhorse to sell trucks to facilities and municipalities to use in limited ways, while seeking Rivian to sell her van-type pickup electric consumption of the consumers, where they can truck a small car up to a distance of 645 kilometers across pack components of battery capacity 180 kWh, while she can walk for a distance of up to 500 km with a battery capacity of 135 kWh.

The company intends to introduce another model after a year the battery capacity of 105 kWh, allowing for the model to travel up to a distance of 370 kilometres, and the CEO of the company that the time has come to change the car market of the United States from the category of pick-up, which represents the bulk of global profits for making cars in Detroit.

Can truck R1T access to the charging rate of 80 percent in 30 minutes when connected to a charger fast DC, and did not reveal Rivian about the price of a pick-up truck small electric, but the CEO of the company said that it will start at less than $ 70 thousand, while Will you be selling a watered-down version with the battery pack of the strongest on less than $ 90 thousand.

Some doubts about the demand

Many complain of the officials in the automotive industry and in the possibility to sell electric cars large numbers unless they improve battery technology to a large extent in relation to the distance measurable quality and cost, it seems that the noise situation around pick-up trucks, small electric far outweighs its importance in the near term for the United States market, because the industry pickup truck small electric can hurt the key features of the other such compounds, such as the ability to talk.

And truck Rivian load capacity by 800 kg pulling capacity up to 5,000 kg, making it more comparable with trucks, medium-sized manufacturer in Detroit to the big trucks best-sellers like the Ford F-150 or GMC Sierra.

This includes truck Rivian in a difficult place because it lacks the ability of drag analysis provided by the models are larger, with the attainment of its cost is more than the cost of pick-up trucks of medium size, said Sam fior me Sam Fiorani, vice president of forecasting vehicles Global Auto Forecast Solutions: “the hybrid car makes more sense”.

And later, car makers in Detroit to pick-up trucks small electric, tell Elon Musk Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Tesla, investors in the month of August to pick-up trucks small electric is the favorite for him personally as a mother to buy it most likely, although it may occur in general for all probably saying that it may occur immediately after the model Tesla Model Y, which hosts the company starting production in 2020.

The company promised Ford car pickup hybrid model of the Ford F-150 by 2020, she suggested electric model in full at the day of days, as the said Mary Barra Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, the automobile manufacturing company of America was granted the area of thinking is very small in relation to the development of pick-up trucks small kettle.

While the company owns Fiat Chrysler Automobiles hybrid version powered by electricity and gasoline from the pickup truck Ram, and Toyota the Japanese auto manufacturer’s in hopes of providing electric options for all models by 2025.

And the location of the leaders of the market pickup in the United States, the stubbornness with regard to models which propellant such as Jeep Gladiator Jeep Gladiator mid-size the new Fiat Chrysler, which will be officially unveiled in Los Angeles, where this car consumers who want a pickup truck with modern amenities similar to what is present in ordinary cars, with a capacity of carrying high load.

It seems that the company Rivian, which last year bought the factory Mitsubishi the coast in the city of Normal, Illinois for 16 million dollars, you will most likely experience financial challenges, which makes them need to raise more funds during their transition to the production phase, so in case she wanted to walk in the footsteps of Tesla and take advantage of its experience, where the Tesla collects billions of dollars of funding because they faced great difficulties in terms of increased production.

The company is Abdul Latif Jameel Abdul Latif Jameel of Saudi Arabia, and Sumitomo Sumitomo of America, and the British financial services Standard Chartered, among financial supporter to buy Rivian, where the approved company Abdul Latif Jameel to provide nearly $ 500 million of funding, the investment company of Sumitomo Corporation in the amount not disclosed, the ability of the Standard Chartered debt worth $ 200 million

Targeted by Rivian customers who are looking for entertainment, looks the same customers that use their car Jeep Gladiator new, said Michelle Krebs Michelle Krebs, analyst at AutoTrader, if this type of customer tends to prefer trucks of medium size such as the Toyota Tacoma Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet Colorado, but they are less loyal to this type of cars compared to owners of vans pickup full-size.

And company Rivian essential feature in the truck, its small, which is represented in the structure of the car’s own labeled SkateBoard, so this combines the structure units of the car engine and battery packs and suspension, brakes and cooling system under the wheel to allow more storage space and provide greater stability because of low center of gravity, can be used as car chassis SkateBoard to other models including SUV.

Founder and CEO of the company, the goal of Rivian is to reach about 50 thousand of annual sales by 2025, is also planning Rivian sell a skateboard to other automakers, and adds RJ Scaringe to Rivian has strategy to work is that most of their returns won’t come from selling cars, but selling experiences such as car rental trip end of the week.

The gate Arab News Technical Rivian reveal pickup electric and Aleppo compete with Tesla

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