Rivalry is fierce between Amazon and Microsoft conditions the participation of the cloud the U.S. Department of Defense “JEDI”

تنافس شرس بين أمازون ومايكروسوفت للظفر بمشروع سحابة وزارة الدفاع الأمريكية "JEDI"

Project JEDI or cloud the US Department of Defense “the Pentagon” which is a contract worth 10 million dollars competed conditions by the largest global technology companies; in order to provide the Pentagon’s cloud services are supported with the tools of artificial intelligence for ten years into the future depending on the provider only one, where it stayed at the end of the race both Amazon and Microsoft also announced the ministry.

And Google has pulled out of the competition for the project is October 2018 for reasons of its principles regarding the use of systems of artificial intelligence; at the time faced stiff opposition by its employees, crossed both Oracle and IBM for the extension of the review of the terms of the contract terms noted that the general picture refers to the orientation of the Pentagon in terms of Amazon and cloud Amazon Web Services.

In the contract is final once a signature or that it ensures the continuation of the winning company providing services throughout the contract period of 10 years, there are many Implied Terms suggest the possibility of retreat Ministry which constitutes a slice another pressure on companies with reference to the principle with the reality of the service was the point of the objection of the core businesses developed from the outset.

It was supposed to be announced the winner of a contract during the current month, which gives of course an advantage to its owner in the decades to come with the ministry; but as we see it seems that the pronunciation of the decision Critical will be during the coming months on after two or three months to say the least.

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