Risky investments: how to Cash Bitcoin can kill the IPO Bitmain

The latest scandal around the IPO Bitmain has attracted the attention of all cryptocommunist. It turns out that the largest mining company and manufacturer of Asimov bet on Bitcoin Cash, not Bitcoin itself. What is in store for investors Bitmain tried to find out in AMBCrypto.

Worse than the Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin

The head of the security Department Blockstream Samson Mau said that Bitmain have sold most of their bitcoin Bitcoin for Cash. We will remind, for the past three months Bitcoin Cash lost approximately half a billion dollars of capitalization.

IPO Bitmain has a very large risk for every investor. There is huge potential for new multi-billion dollar losses. The company does not know how to cope with all the vulnerabilities, but it puts all your money on one coin.

Looks like the Bitmain assets over the past three years. Please note, as reduced stocks bitcoins. BCH is not concerned.

We will remind, last week the developer of Bitcoin Cory field have found a vulnerability in the code Bitcoin Cash. The news caused outrage among the holders of the coin. Field noted that if hackers managed to exploit a bug, they would be able to cancel the transaction in the blockchain.

Chapter Bitmain Jihan Wu almost immediately responded to the criticism.

Mining pools are responsible for what is happening with cryptocurrencies. We want to work together with the developers of Bitcoin Core. Team Cash of Bitcoin and Bitcoin can coexist peacefully with each other and develop their own roadmap.

This is not the first time praises Bitmain Bitcoin Cash. Recently, the company proposed to develop and integrate smartcontract on the basis of cryptocurrency.

Pre-IPO Bitmain ended last week. The company raised about $ 1 billion from corporations Tencent, Softbank and China Gold. We will remind, the main round of IPO Bitman will be held in September on the Hong Kong stock exchange.


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