Ripple: XRP consumes less electricity than Bitcoin and Ethereum

More and more companies around the world raise the issue of transition to cleaner sources of energy, and generally think about the environment. Chief strategist Ripple also spoke on this matter. In your Twitter Corey Johnson compared the impact on the environment between XRP, ETH and BTC. In particular, he cited statistics of energy consumption in the extraction of each of these cryptocurrencies.

He claims that XRP consumes 0,01 TWh/h, while ETH and BTC consume of 19.62 TW/h and 68,81 TV/h, respectively. In other words, the coin Ripple is required 1/100 of the power consumption of the entire village Othman in Arizona. Bitcoin consumes energy in proportion to the totals of the Czech Republic.

Source: Twitter

In response, Corey Johnson, scientific officer of the company Resilient Energy and Power Systems at the engineering School Swanson Kelly Pete said that any new technology is always inefficient, consumes energy. But this happens usually at the stage of implementation. She also noted that the energy savings directly affects the efficiency of the technology itself from the point of view of costs.

And what about the others?

On Ambcrypto write that the Creator of the “satellite” Bitcoin cryptocurrency Litecoin Charlie Lee also previously spoke about the topic of energy consumption. According to him, he’s not particularly worried about the electricity expenses, as they to some extent even create cryptocurrency “added value”. In addition, high consumption, he argues the appropriate level of security of transactions in Bitcoin network.

Dr. Jonathan Kuma also refutes the erroneous data about the “extravagance” of Bitcoin. According to his calculations and said that Bitcoin consumes no more than 0.1 percent of the world total consumption. More data look at cryptodata of hontarov. There you discuss the cost of bills for mining in different regions.

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