Ripple Labs has partnered with the gates Foundation. Waiting for growth?

The bill and Melinda gates Foundation has partnered with Ripple Labs Inc. and firm Coil Interledger for the implementation of the Protocol. About this in his Twitter said the Deputy Director of the Fund Miller Abel. While this information is still not confirmed by official sources gates. This is a strategic transaction may be another catalyst of growth for the token XRP.

Ripple prepare for takeoff

Recall Interledger Protocol is a Protocol that connects different payment systems. It allows you to increase the speed of cross-border payments. In addition, the bill and Melinda gates Foundation is also improving its own payment system Mojaloop.

She Mojaloop was launched in October last year. It is opensorce and applies technology Interledger. The main goal Mojaloop — promotion of mobile payments in developing countries and the provision of services to people who for any reason are outside the field activities of traditional banks.

In the world of “potential customers” a lot more than it might seem at first glance. According to a world Bank study, in 2017 about 1.7 billion people (over 30 percent of the world population) could not obtain access to traditional financial services sector. Most of them belong to the middle class of emerging markets. Due to the blockchain new customers will be able to obtain all necessary services through their smartphones and method of biometric identification.

In addition to the lack of normal banking services, residents of developing countries often suffer from economic crises. The only salvation for their savings was the cryptocurrency.

Coil company founded by the former technical Director of Ripple’s Stefan Thomas, also uses technology Interledger. Coil also provides a platform for subscriptions, where users can financially support the creators of unique content on the Internet.

Information prepared in Cointelegraph. To consult with other investors in Ripple in our cryptodata.


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