Ripple is a cryptocurrency, or is it hype? The analyst

The controversy surrounding the recognition of Ripple securities do not cease to kriptonyte to this day. On the eve of oil poured into the fire, one analyst, who did not recognized the ripple cryptocurrency. While the SEC still maintain neutrality — the financial regulator has not yet issued an official verdict about the coin. This writes Bitcoinist.

Do not buy Ripple

Coinbase recently announced the listing of five new tokens. One of them came in promising Stellar Lumens. Some experts believe that in the future between Ripple and Stellar can tie a serious fight.

Two weeks ago the famous “King of hedge funds” Steven Cohen has announced on their investment in cryptoland Autonomous Partners. The head of this company Arianna Simpson invests his money in XRP.

I am concerned about the level of centralization of the project. Around Ripple a lot of speculation on the recognition of the token security.

Elpis Investments CEO Anatoly Castella does not recognize the Ripple cryptocurrency. In his opinion, the project does not meet the “pure interpretation of cryptocurrency”.

Ripple is a FINTECH platform that combines the best elements of the Fiat and the blockchain. This “digital Fiat”, not a cryptocurrency.

Castella notes that ripple is not consistent with the philosophy of Bitcoin and Ethereum. He calls the latter a means of wealth preservation, while Ripple is more like a digital Fiat issued by the same company. The actual lack of mining in the network of the coin Castella believes a very serious drawback.

Have no Ripple miners. Transaction work with centralized blockchain, which is supposed to make them faster and safer. All XRP tokens were produced by one company Ripple Labs Inc., most of the coins still belong only to the management company.

CEO Elpis Investments believes that Ripple will never fall into the “Pets” SEC. If the financial regulator still recognize a coin valuable paper, waiting for the inevitable fall. Continue to monitor the situation.


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