Riddle: how is Satoshi Nakamoto with immigrants? Solve a cipher “nour”

“I am not Dorian Nakamoto” — that was the last message in the account of Satoshi Nakamoto to the recent events. We will remind, couple of days ago, the website of the Creator of Bitcoin in the P2P Foundation again came to lifein her film there was a short message “nour”, and the friends list was replenished with a kind of Wagner Tamanaha. Whether Satoshi Nakamoto again get in touch with the public? Who is this Wagner?

More questions

So, the first result of the query “nour” in Google — the service definition Urban Dictionary.

The most loving, affectionate and caring person you ever met. Extremely smart, funny and sensitive. Still figuring out what he wants to achieve in life. A bit stubborn and doesn’t want to listen to the advice of others. His smile makes you forget about all the problems, but his arms — the best you’ve ever felt in my life.

If it’s too sentimental for Nakamoto or a hacker could hack his page? Who is the most nour-a person — is also unclear. Or maybe we are not talking about the same person?

Before you post “nour” Nakamoto added to the friends of Wagner Tamanaha. Wagner, apparently, involved in marketing and promotion and advertising in social networks.

Image source — Pinterest

Now we have even more “food for discussion”. First, Nakamoto himself (or a hacker hacked his account) wanted to Express Tamanaha recognition. Secondly, Wagner may be associated with the hacker, but not with Nakamoto, he is using the situation for their own PR. Third, the Creator of Bitcoin is sending so much deeper message.

The first option is not very plausible. Tamanaha alive and very active behaves in social networks. What is the sense to give him recognition? Besides, why one of the most wanted men in the world to break years of silence for a change? The second option is also eliminated because it is no need to attract undue attention.

Finally, the third option so far seems the most plausible. Let’s imagine that the message was really the same Satoshi Nakamoto. From this it follows that Tamanaha does not know Nakamoto completely, because then it would put the anonymity of the Creator of Bitcoin compromised. Most likely, Wagner Tamanaha knows Satoshi in real life, but do not know about his invention.

Tamanaha realized the potential of the Internet back in 1996, a short time later he began working in the advertising industry with several well-known brands. Perhaps the way the two geeks crossed before the invention of Bitcoin. So why, then, Nakamoto broke his silence right now? Wanted to call Wagner “nour”? He could do it under his real name, then his message would attract no attention.

There is another interesting clue. Tamanaha — immigrant and does not hesitate to declare it. Strange as it may sound, maybe Satoshi Nakamoto is trying to Express its recognition to immigrants.

Image source — Eater

Wagner Tamanaha arrived from Brazil, apparently, he is a legal immigrant who found his destiny in the United States of America. Note that the US population mostly consists of immigrants who continue to arrive into the country from all over the world.

People like Sergey Brin, Elon musk, acne Buterin and Wagner Tamanaha created the face of modern industry of information technology. Perhaps that is a wide range of people Satoshi wants to convey his respect.

Donald trump is also right, because some of the newcomers to America are indeed criminals and parasites. However, the majority of prisoners in US prisons — Americans by right of birth.

Image source — Inverse

Now we can assume that the Creator of Bitcoin have a shred of compassion for those who are forced to change their environment for the sake of dreams or other good cause. Maybe Satoshi himself is an immigrant? Again more questions than answers.

What are your thoughts? Share your wildest guess cryptodata.


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