Richly-expensive: the creators of best wallet has released a limited version cryptocell with gold plating

Satoshi Labs, the company announced the conclusion of partnership with the firm Gray, which will develop the design of a new line of hardware wallets called Corazon. We remind that the engineers created the Gray protective covers premium smartphones.

A new range of platform will differ a special design in the case of a superior titanium alloy. The material can withstand greater loads than traditional wallets made from aluminium or plastic.

Sophistication all over

The technical characteristics of novelty is virtually no different from best wallet Model T. But the differences in price tags are very noticeable. Corazon best wallet you can pre-order on the official website of the company at a price of 696 $ for the base model.

For lovers of exclusive luxury has two additional options — Corazon Stealth for 996 dollars and Corazon Gold for $ 1496. Both models are distributed in a limited version. Buyers will be available for 500 devices Stealth and only 100 devices Gold.

Each purse series Corazon originates from a single piece of titanium alloy. Because of the unique design of the device virtually impossible to crack or severely damage without the proper tools. Technology development Corazon is free to access.

Source: News.bitcoin

It is noteworthy that between Stealth and Gold models there are differences in the material thermal spraying of the hull. The first device uses the usual black color, whereas the top-end version of the purse manufacturer uses a thin coating of real gold.

If you really want to buy yourself one of the brand new models best wallet, purchase only on the official website of the manufacturer. In recent years, cases of fraud associated with the sale of fake cryptocell.


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