Revolutionary smartphone Vivo will show on January 24. What would it be?

Remember the concept of edge-to-edge smartphone Vivo APEX, which the company showed last year at MWC? Later came the Vivo, NEX, however, he had not so thin frames. A year later the company would still be able to surprise design. Smartphone with the code name “Waterdrop” earlier times flowed into the Network, we even discussed his appearance. Now, Vivo published a poster with the appearance of the device and called the date of its presentation — January 24. What company will please?

The poster looks like the following:

You may notice that the phone has rounded edges around the perimeter and not just at the sides as in the Galaxy lineup. Thus, the front panel of the phone will flow smoothly to the rear, that is, the device will not be ends at all. In addition, the absence of said ends and the complete lack of buttons, according to the colleagues from gizmochina.

Smartphone control will be based on the grips of the case by analogy with the HTC Edge and Sense gestures. It is expected that the phone will be equipped with 8/10/12 GB of RAM, a fingerprint scanner of the sixth generation with a wide scope, demonstration of the scanner we also showed. APEX will receive a Snapdragon processor 855, but that’s just speculation, have to wait for the official data.

Questions remain

Where the company will have front-facing sensors and camera? A speaker is likely to have under the display, and the camera may not at all be. Previously, Vivo introduced the NEX second generation, he received two of the display, the second displays beautiful pictures, but also it can be used for selfie shots with the main camera. It is not excluded that APEX will work on the same principle.

Vivo will reveal the device at MWC 2019, consumer exhibition kicks off on February 25 in Barcelona. We will definitely cover this show, so follow us on Zen.

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