Review the most unusual patents Apple has filed recently

In the last couple of years, smartphone manufacturers are diligently contrive, inventing all sorts of innovative devices, especially when it comes to design. The design of the smartphone is increasing rapidly: we’ve seen glass and ceramic case, displays without frames, leaving the camera case and much more.

But these unique and interesting developments worth hundreds of patents, testing, trial and error. Of course, not every patented design ultimately is embodied in reality, but they give us a good idea of the future. What now looks weird and too unique, can become the norm in the next several years. Some of these devices may even become bestsellers.

So today we will look at 5 of the most interesting patents filed over the past few months that in the near future may see the light.

Foldable LG smartphone with transparent screen

What now may seem impossible may become a reality in a few years. LG patented a folding phone with a transparent screen. Amazing patent filed in the USPTO (patent and trademark office), leaves no room for doubt: the sketch Letsgodigital we clearly see two hands over a large foldable smartphone that looks like the flattened tablet, similar to X. Huawei Mate smartphone Display from the patent is not completely transparent and has an opaque fragment that is approximately a quarter of all housing and, presumably, contains all the internal components. We recently wrote an article about this patent, in which he tried to understand why, in General, may be need transparent display in the smartphone.

Magnetic Samsung smartphones

Smartphones are getting bigger every year. And smartphone manufacturers are constantly developing new solutions in order to fit the big screens of modern mobile devices in a compact housing. After displays without frames and foldable smartphones next innovation can be smartphones with magnets, able to gather in one device. Or, at least, thought about that Samsung, given its recent patent. The design of the new smartphone varies depending on the connected two phones, thanks to magnetic connectors, located on the ends. The new design allows you to link two phones in several different ways. The cylindrical magnet on the side allows you to connect them not only with end-to-end, but even back to back. Of several of these smartphones will even make one healthy monitor, as shown in the patent image at the top.

Foldable mobile-laptop from LG

A year ago, the company LG has patented the smartphone in a form factor similar to the Galaxy Fold from Samsung. The patent was published by WIPO (world intellectual property organization) and have shown the smartphone with two displays. External display, which you can see when the device is folded, has bends on the sides, which can display the time, date and notifications. When the smartphone is partially decomposed, the internal display turns out to be curved inwards like the Galaxy Fold, making the device similar to a laptop. At the same time, the external display can be used on both sides, so that two users could watch the videos independently from each other. Seriously, the patent describes that the phone even has dual headphone jacks, each of which can be used for one of the displays.

Strange monitor with 3D display

Once again, Samsung gets into our list due to its unique patent, which at this time was a 3D display. Unlike the other patents listed above, it’s not a smartphone, but a device that can be connected to the smartphone. We don’t know exactly what it is, but it seems that the monitor or TV that can play 3D content. In a patent filed in the USPTO (U.S. patents and trademarks), referred to “three-dimensional display device and method of user interaction”. Using the built-in camera, the new device can even create 3D content such as 3D objects and 3D interfaces. The patent also describes that the display has a built sensor that will track the movement of objects in space and to maintain control via the touch screen with the stylus or fingers. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell for sure how it will look in the device display can be flat as in the image above, but may be in the form of a cube.

Smartphone OPPO with a retractable from the housing a second display

The patent which is definitely worth mentioning, were filed by Chinese manufacturer OPPO and discovered a few weeks ago. The patent consists of two smartphones with displays that appear both above and from the left side. The first device has two displays: a classic on the front and a smaller one that goes from the top of the smartphone. The second device seems to have a form factor of a horizontal slider, the left side of which appears the second display with the same dimensions and characteristics as the primary. The second display on each of these phones can be useful in several scenarios, such as watching a video with the main display and display controls controls on the additional screen or test notifications during games, and so on.

What patent did you like the most? What do you think of these patents is likely to see the light?

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