Review the application Pushbullet: view notifications and phone messages on the bus

The application Pushbullet perfect tool to connect different devices, the situation and phone or tablet running Android or iOS, so below we’ll give you the salient features of the app and how to set up and use.

Features of Pushbullet

– Possibility to see the notifications of your phone directly on the case.

– The possibility of seeing and replying to text messages, either SMS or Messages application.

– The ability to share text and links easily from device to device.

– The possibility to see the files of the connected devices and copy them.

Setup Pushbullet to different devices

Tops of on your phone download the application from the store Google Play or App Storeand download the software ad hoc windows, as well as add a web browsers which is the only way to connect the phone to computer Mac.

After you download the app on your phone and during the installation the app will ask you some permissions necessary for his work, so prevent them. And log in account Facebook or Google, on both the phone and the program addendum.

The interface of the application

Interface tab a simple phone with 5 tabs; the main tab is the Push (Push), which see out the files and links that you share between different devices.

And tab the second is Mirroring, which includes settings to control notifications between devices. And the same goes for the tab for SMS text messages. I’d like to see the importance of the large tab for the channel that contains the sites broadcast the news line, and he will talk later about the TAB account Account.

View notifications, messages, and interact with them.

When you get a notification on the phone, you’ll see a miniature view of the computer screen if both the case and phone are connected to the internet, therefore, if you use the add a site with the phone app only, you must have a web browser connected to the internet, so it is recommended to Windows users depending on the program.

If the notifications from instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, or any application that supports the reply through the notifications to the phone such as Slax, you can click on the reply button (Reply) directly from the need to respond to the message; this does not require the presence of a copy of the messaging application on the case. As you can also interact with your notifications send a “like” if the app allows it.

And next to show thumbnails for notifications on the status screen, you can see the notifications that have arrived for your department, notifications of the existing program on your computer or add a web browser, unless the disbursement notice (can play) when he arrived.

The Messages section in the software, you will see by the SMS that you received, you can reply to them directly from the case.

Send links and files between devices

Can you on your phone share any link with the app so that you see in the tab pushes (Push), as you can while browsing the web on the case, right-click any website and select Add to share the link with other devices.

Also you can copy the text and paste it directly to the disaggregation of Devices to the software addendum, or in the tab pushes (Push) on the phone, to see him for the rest of the hardware. For project files we recommend it when there is no USB cable, where you can transfer any file of the case to the phone by clicking on the icon “pin” in the Tab Devices.

You can see the case files from your phone directly, if both devices are connected to the internet, by going to the Account section (Account) > browse files remotely (Remote Files), but it seems that the files are available to access from your phone are found in the file transfers, documents, photos, videos, and desktop the rest of the files of the department: C on the bus.

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