Review PUBG Mobile: show all your fire, let it melt

Tencent Games, unknown earlier, became famous thanks to the game PUBG. First, the creation of the company became popular in Steam, and then on smartphones. To play these games on my smartphone not everyone, however, after some time, you can get the hang of it.

The aim of the game is to be the last. To survive. If you watched the movie “the Hunger games”, the concept of Battle Royale you will be clear. Each battle starts with a plane that flies over the map. The player must jump at the right time to get into the location that he is interested. The map, by the way, PUBG very big, but not to say that diverse.

On PC PUBG I have not played, but played H1Z1, and frankly, these games are very similar.

The graphics in PUBG very good. To the level of the PC it is still far, but the game looks better than any other mobile game. Fortnite has cartoon graphics, so fans of realistic battles, it will not work.

Most happy in PUBG realistic ballistics. Depending on the distance from the target the bullet will behave differently. For example, the farther the object, the higher you need to direct sight. When shooting at long distances you can see how the bullet flies and collides with objects, leaving traces. Such realism on smartphones was a revelation for me.

In PUBG Mobile have transportation to travel. It is very important, since around the map there is a dome, a gaseous substance, once in which the character begins to die. The region gradually declining, forcing the opponents to get closer to each other.

The area itself is shrinking quickly, so here the role comes to transport, which do not find very easy. Many in PUBG die at the hands of the enemy, and for gaseous substances.

The more players you kill, the higher the chance that at the end of the level, the character level will be promoted. Initially the game is quite easy, but at level 10 you will face more experienced players. Besides, with about 10 levels on the map will be scattered less weapons, loot, ammo, clothes. To find a good weapon, you will need to go into one building.

PUBG gameplay is the main feature of the game. The player can quickly move around the map, killing everyone, but the chance of being killed in this case is much higher. You can choose a different tack: to climb on the roof of the apartment building to control the situation from there, quietly killing enemies at long range. The opportunity to choose their own tactics is very good.

In addition, the player starts not one. Every character in the game is part of a team of 4 people who skooperiruetes needs to survive. Therefore, if you decide the whole round to be alone, chances of survival is very small, but they are still there, if you are able to repel the attacks of groups of 3-4 people.

Let’s play PUBG!

This is the main menu of the game to begin, click “Start” (logical, however).

Then a map is loaded and we begin our journey.

Click on the button and jump with a parachute.

Landing around to the right side of the map looking for weapons.

Find a large building, go there in search of armor, clothing and ammunition.

Found helmet and ammo, go out and see a few buildings where gunfire was heard. Quietly sneaking along the fence. But in the meantime, our enemy is already running away to another area.

Go to the first building, check all is quiet, but our enemy is close, it is felt.

We decide to sit in the Car, which was next, passing a little forward to stand on the side of the building and assess the situation in front of the building. While purely.

Understand that the building is clear, go in, collect loot, look out the window and see in the distance of the enemy. Aim at it, but shoot not at risk, so as to get quite difficult and the goal will see us.

Remain in the building and wait until the enemies kill each other.

See another goal in the distance and decided to leave the building to fill the stats.

Sit in the first available vehicle.

We drive to the hill, which was visible in the previous screenshots, there we meet the enemy, whom we kill.

Pick up all the loot.

As the enemy we are seriously wounded, returned to the building and treated.

Drive already to another UAZ on the hill and go forward in search of adventure. Meanwhile, the members of my team already dead, will have to act alone.

We drive to the hill and see the opponents running towards the cluster of buildings where we were originally. However, do not dare to go back, as two rivals and they are in the shelter. Dangerous.

And here is the third. In the screenshot they are not visible due to image compression.

Let’s move on.

We meet the enemy and kill him. In the screenshot visible box which is green. In this loot of the enemy. This player was strong. He almost killed us.

Take the loot and be treated with first aid kits enemy.

Next was a box of ammunition. They are periodically resets the plane.

We decide to wait out in the overview building nearby.

Hear shots, you must move to a safe area. Go to the buildings nearby.

While purely. Notice the falling crate of supplies. We run to him.

Take away all the fun.

Meet near the enemy, who did not even resist.

Go to the building next door and wait.

Safe zone is greatly narrowed, we are right on the border. Around shots fired, but scary to go.

Hear shots. They go North to look out, but enemies are not visible.

Still looking for opponents, but still clean. On the mini-map visible the direction of the shooting enemies (they are marked with a red bullet).

Watching the shooting of enemies, but while goals are seen.

Still waiting for the convergence zone.

We were right on the border (lucky).

Exit the building and quietly moved to the house next door.

While purely.

See the goal, quickly kill and collect loot.

Go to the building next door and wait. Survived only 6 people.

Area stopped right outside our building. Alive 4.

Hear shots nearby, alive 3 people. Go out and act very carefully and quietly.

Crawling to the nearest tree to find the enemy.

See car in the distance with opponents. Quickly shifted so as not to fall under attack.

In the screenshot below you can see an opponent near the tree on the right.

Did the first shots, they notice and hiding.

Then kill one opponent. The last one left. But he, unfortunately, was killed, as was a more advantageous position and gave us simply peek out from behind a tree.

Application: PUBG MOBILE
Developer: Tencent Games
Category: Action
Version: 0.7.0
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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