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Sony MP-CD1 is the projector portable from Sony at a price of 599 USD

And comes the projector, with a thickness of 16 mm and weighing 280 grams and with dimensions of 83 x 150 mm and is considered the largest of the smartphone which has measured six inches as it is equipped with four rubber feet to maintain the constancy of the device.

And on the side of the device there is a separate 3.5 mm to connect the speakerphone is small, and that despite the presence of an external headset built with 1 watt, but it offers acceptable performance so it is recommended to use headset external provide better performance.

Also on the side there is an HDMI Port, to connect the MP-CD1 to your laptop and phones and home consoles. There is also a separate UCB-C, which provides the process of fast charging, which can be used with external memory or to charge your phone.

And the device has the standby button, which is used for the transition between picture modes the bright and natural. It also has a button to turn off and turn on the device. In addition to the button slide to adjust the focus “FOCUS”


Did Sony increase the brightness significantly from the previous version where the upgrade number sun of 32 lumens to 105 lumens. But unfortunately, the company in turn reducing the resolution of 1920×720 to 854×480 pixels.
And although the number of hangers is still very small, but the DLP IntelliBright and the technique of laser light offers ready made and good colors. But like the rest of the projectors portable other recommended to use it in poor lighting to get excellent results.

And the system has been designed the display to be measured by 120-inch maximum by the width to height of 16:9 at a distance of 3.5 meters. Sounds good in theory, but in practice prefers not to learn compared to 50 inch, because more than 70 inches you will notice the pixels through this projector or you can use with keystone, and that will modify the display content automatically without the need to refer to Settings.

Contains MP-CD1, also on the card with a capacity of 5000 Milli-amp, which will provide you battery life providing in not more than three hours. As for the process of charging from zero to 100% took almost 2 hours.


This topic review projector mobile Sony MP-CD1 appeared on Engadget.

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