Review phone Realme U1

Phone Realme U1 one of the latest devices issued by the company Realme, that the company that has demonstrated its ability to storm the smartphone market and proved its worth in this area in the recent period.

As the company Realme known for providing phones with high efficiency at a low price if compared with other companies.

Protects the phone Realme U1 a lot of specifications and features in addition to some disadvantages, which we will organize it in this article to guide you for your purchase of this phone.

  • The specification of the phone Realme U1

We will review the possibilities and specifications of this wonderful device in this article, to tell you more on what’s on that device from the specifications compared to the phones other of the same category, and some of the defects that may be important for you to reach for your suit you greatly.

  • Shape and design

Comes device Realme U1 three distinctive colors are gold and black and also blue color.

As for the structure of the device came plastic full, plastic-type polycarbonate, and find this forum among all the phones in that category, it’s suitable for the device financial.

The back of the device gives us a reflection of The Shape of the glass which gives the device a luster characteristic.

Obi-Relais 2 for Oppo Realme specification is good and the price is suitable

Needs the back of the device on the dual rear camera which is designed to horizontally protruding a little bit, in addition to the LED flash sensor footprint.

The face of the device includes the screen of note came in the form of Dewdrop in addition to hearing calls sensor.

You’ll also find that the back of the phone gives the shape of the glass in the reflection.

Disappears from the top of the phone any details of the phage is smooth completely free, as below Fisher, the loudspeaker and headset ear microphone for calls as well as a separate USB.

  • The screen

The screen of your Realme U1 with high quality, where they arrived the quality to 1080× 2340 pixels at the rate of the density of 409 pixels per inch, the dimensions of the display 9: 19.5 km to the screen resolution the same accuracy FHD+.

The screen contains a layer of protection from any scratch or broke, and came to that energy type Corning Gorilla Glass.

Take the screen the greater part of the face of the front of the device, where approximately 90.8% of the interface due to the presence of the sheet.

Your phone can quickly adapt to the environment and the circumstances that surround it, so that the brightness is set automatically depending on external conditions.

  • The camera

Came phone Realme U1 like other handsets existing in the present time, which includes rear camera double, came the first camera accurately 13 megapixel with aperture F/2.2, while the second camera came with 2 mega pixels with a lens aperture of F/2.4.

The front camera attached to the device, the answer is its very high share much with those in PC for Oppo f9 pro is also a device for oppo f9, where the camera came sensor Sony IMX576 and the rest reached to 25 mega pixels.

We conclude that the device’s front camera is the best selfie camera, it also supports artificial intelligence, which makes the sound more than excellent.

  • Battery

Battery capacity of this machine is 3500 Milli-AMP, as they hold up with you for a long time where you can keep with you throughout the day without having to charge if you’re someone who uses mobile a lot. If you are not to hold up with the battery up to eight hours.

Of defects that battery they don’t support fast charging like other phones of the same price.

  • The performance of the phone Realme U1

Came device with a powerful processor of type Helio P70 of the report of 12nm, which ensures you the best efficiency in the movement between apps and everyday tasks, as well as will use the power of the processor when you download games and various applications.

  • Features phone Realme U1

  • Supports radio the fm as well as the OTG.
  • Supports the services of the 4G.
  • Fingerprint facial work is excellent and fast.
  • Supports two tranches of communication in addition to the memory card.
  • Low price compare with any class like in the potential.
  • Disadvantages of telephone Realme U1

  • There is no bulb for notifications.
  • There is no flash in front of me.
  • Does not support fast charging.
  • The back of the phone lacks protection, it is easy to scratch.
  • Availability of external speakers in a horizontal position make it easy to mute her voice with one hand.

Review phone Realme U1

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