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Apple launched three phones for iPhone new this year namely the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, and the iPhone XR is the most important among these phones as it features in multiple colors and new features as to its reasonable price to some extent compared to phones iPhone other.

Here’s a comprehensive review for iPhone XR:


Comes iPhone the XR design is similar to some extent with the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max with some minor differences, and comes phone full-frame is made of aluminum contains the same energy, the glass used in the iPhone X. And thickness of the phone is 8.3 mm, while a weight of 194 grams. And on the manufacturing quality, there is no any problem.

From the backside, similar to the iPhone XR with the iPhone 8 in number one, but from the front, it looks like a group of X completely in terms of extrusion and edge to edge lack of the Home button. And more thing you can seen with the iPhone XR is the presence of the edges of the thick black of the front.

Phone is considered comfortable for the hands where you hold it with one hand, that unlike the iPhone XS Max, which may require two hands to catch him.

Includes the phone buttons control the sound from the left side, while power button and the introduction of SIM cards from the right side. And from the bottom, the phone includes a USB-C port with the opening of the sound there is no socket for the headset.

Expect the iPhone XR in black, white, blue, red, yellow, and coral, as it’s fitted with the standard IP67 resistant to water depth of up to one meter for half an hour.

The screen


Comes iPhone the XR screen type LCD size 6.1 inches and a resolution of 1792 x 828 density of 326 pixels per inch, and the Apple on the screen “Liquid Retina HD”, as it includes the feature of the True Tone.

On the one hand the content visible, you can note that pictures and videos may look soft to some extent, but she’s still excellent of course.

Think the corners of the vision of the company is so wonderful, there is also a system of a very large hand color, in addition to that the depth is also excellent in terms of color black. Also give your screen an excellent level in terms of lighting so you can use the phone under sunlight without any problem.

The camera


Uses the iPhone XR the same main camera of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max but without a secondary camera and competent with Telephoto for training visual. Comes rear camera 12-megapixel with a lens aperture of f/1.8 as it allows you to use the portrait without having to lens secondary.

One of the most important advantages of the existing rear camera to function is a Smart HDR, which provide better illumination in the shadows. How come the quality of the filming video with the rear camera in 4K at 60 frames per second.

As for the front camera, there is no difference between them and the cameras frontcourt in the XS and XS Max, where the camera XR 7 mega pixel with f/2.2 aperture as it’s equipped with TrueDepth to on the face. Comes quality shoot video with the front camera 1080p with average of 60 fps with the installer digital.



Comes the performance of XR the same performance of the XS and XS Max 95%, it contains the processor A12 Bionic hexa-core of the report 7 nm, but it lacks the feature of 3D Touch.

The phone comes with a storage capacity of less where it involves random memory capacity of 3 GB instead of 4 GB, and contains an internal memory with a capacity of 64 GB or 128 GB or 256 GB.

Works phone running iOS 12 which provides ultra-fast in performance tests with Siri and organize notifications and search in the pictures and many new features.


The most important thing about the iPhone XR is that it has a strong battery too, where the battery capacity 2942 Ma and at work for 11 hours and 26 minutes, as it supports fast charging technology and wireless charging.


Expect the iPhone XR starting price of 3299 SAR for the 64 GB and its price-to-3949 real people with 256 GB.


This topic review phone iPhone XR appeared on Engadget.

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