Review phone Blackberry Key2 after a month of use.

This topic review phone Blackberry Key2 after a month of use. Appeared on Engadget.

Blackberry Key2 is the phone of middle category available in the Saudi market since the period at a price of 2699 version 6\128 GB with the option tranches with the option of replacing the chip a second memory external.


The phone comes with a thickness of 8.5 Milli-amp with a weight of 168 grams where there are no any problem at this point either which improve the buy they always offer the quality of manufacture is excellent as the phone comes with a frame of aluminum from the series 7000 with a layer protection Gorilla Glass of the third generation. As to the texture in the back trying to not sliding the phone out of your hand especially that the phone comes with a real keyboard.

Also, the phone will offers you dual camera at the rear and is prominent, but not annoying. In addition to the front camera with the system for alerts.

It will also offers you the control buttons for the and is present at the bottom of the screen and supports multi-touch technology. And in addition operate the control buttons volume and Play button, and turn off the phone is excellent with the provision of an additional button to provide the possibilities of additional control. Also the phone will give you technical insight and existing with the SPACEBAR button.

The screen

And come the phone screen of Type LCD size 4.5 inches and a resolution of 1620 × 1080 pixels and that comes by the width to height of 3:2. But unfortunately the phone screen will not be suitable for a class of media as videos and that will come with a 16:9 will have black bars at the top and the bottom without any option to fill the screen.

And the worst of it, you will find that the content is clipped when using programs like Instagram and Snapchat and other platforms that are rarely recorded content in landscape mode. But in return the screen of his rival for documents and e-mail.


The keyboard is the most prominent thing that will distinguishes this phone compared to many smart phones where the phone will come in the keys of the model 35chiclet and is present in the lower third of the phone.

It is also worth mentioning that the height of the key has become bigger by 20 % and that compared with a phone KeyOne, as was the provision of the keyboard a set of different shortcuts and through the open speed ad hoc and which allows for the appointment of any test by pressing the rapid key speed + character.

As added feature Flick Typing, which predicts the words that you write which facilitates the process of writing where you can click on one of the suggestions to finish the word what you write. It has also been providing the area of Phare to in which and by passing the finger over the keyboard buttons.

The camera

The phone has a rear camera Double accurately 12 megapixel camera with Aperture of f/1.8 andf/2.6 which does not contain the installed optical but there’s a property video shoot with 4K and slow motion mode with a optical zoom for two. And it was the performance of the camera is gorgeous in excellent lighting, but with poor lighting it is possible to notice a distortion of images.

The front camera, and it comes accurately 8 megapixel with a flash of the same screen of a mobile phone and is an excellent hand detail. But generally suffer cameras of the image processing of the hand color and hand white balance.

Performance and battery life

Phone needs BlackBerry Key2 on the battery with a capacity of 3500 Milli-amp, and is excellent where got time to run the screen to 6 hours and that will hold up with a full day without any problems. While I need the phone to two hours to fill the battery from 0% to the percentage of 100%.

And features BlackBerry Key2 fast enough for most work tasks thanks to the Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 with RAM with a capacity of 6 Gb. There is also the option of 64 GB and 128 GB of internal storage, with the possibility to expand the storage capacity up to 256 GB thanks to microSD. Where the processor is considered excellent with daily tasks and with games that don’t require graphics high.

Operating system

Phone works through the Android operating system The raw version (Android 8.1 (Oreo package with the servants of your For BlackBerry like the side menu to and fund information by scrolling over the telephone codes in addition to System Protection.

This topic review phone Blackberry Key2 after a month of use. Appeared on Engadget.

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