Review OPPO A5s: middling, definitely worthy of your attention

The Chinese manufacturer known all over the world of smartphones with easy zapominayuschimsya name is a palindrome is probably known to everyone, and therefore in performance it is not needed. More recently, more precisely on 18 April, digging OPPO officially introduced in Russia its two new budget devices, which got quite obvious and concise name: A1k and A5s. Their names are obvious, because both smartphones are direct descendants of the previous generation of A1 and A5. To us on the test got the second model, and therefore it will be discussed in this review. Here we will tell you about all the positive and negative aspects of this budget machine.

As we all know, meet on clothes, and in our case, the package contents, and appearance of the device. Package for OPPO A5s not poor and not rich, but quite standard for devices of this level. In the standard white box we find: couple of instructions, power adapter 2 amp, charging cable, silicone cover and, of course, the smartphone. Like I said, nothing unusual, but the presence of cover there, and why, will be discussed in the next paragraph.

When we first take in hand the smartphone, it creates some mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is quite heavy and made mostly of plastic, which is immediately noticeable and causes the feelings that arise when tactile interaction with any device in a plastic housing. On the other hand, is in appearance A5s and what better way dilutes the tactile budget visual admiration is glossy coal black, in our case, the case is supplemented with interesting gold and silver elements such as wrap-around camera module with flash and a fingerprint scanner, metal frame, and the silver color made the brand name is OPPO. In General, OPPO A5s come in three colors: red, blue, and, as we have, black.

Also, looking at smartphone outside, but not yet turning it on we immediately notice the bottom end is hopelessly outdated microUSB, a small grille on the microphone, the grille is larger, which covers the only speaker out of date, but still pleasant in the presence of a headphone Jack 3.5 mm. the Only speaker, by the way, plays pretty loud, but no outstanding sound quality, of course, can not boast.

In principle, the location of all elements on the housing of this device, is standard: on the right side is the power button/lock on the left side there are two separate buttons for volume control and a connector with a tray for SIM-cards and memory cards, on the back surface we have just above the brand logo has a fingerprint scanner, and there, in the corner you will find a dual camera module with led flash. The tray for SIM-cards and memory cards here, fortunately, was not combined, as is customary with other manufacturers, so you have the option to install to the smartphone simultaneously with two SIM-cards and memory card format microSD.

On the front surface OPPO A5s I would like to highlight. Near the screen face of the upper end, we see the earpiece grille, and just below a self-camera, which was placed in a keyhole right in the display, which, incidentally, protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3. Turning on the device, the first thing we notice is truly a large 6.2-inch display which is IPS technology and has a resolution of 1520 720 pixels aspect ratio 19:9. The density of pixels per inch in a diagonal and resolution are not very high – 271 ppi, but it’s enough for everyday use smartphone. Yes, HD-screen smartphone in 2019 to cause only condemning smile, but, believe me, to distinguish with the naked eye the individual pixels on this display you are unlikely to succeed. But this screen is very decent supply of brightness: under the direct rays of the summer sun to receive the information from this display is still just as comfortable.

Talk about cameras, because, as I said, this middling main camera module consists not of one but of two sensors of 13 MP and 2 MP. Immediately warn that it is not necessary to be deceived, because even though the presence of the second sensor, the main camera in this smartphone takes quite mediocre. Quality photos and video taken with the double camera is not called terrible, but also not called out. Of course, the main camera can take photos with a bokeh effect, but such photos can be done on the front camera.

The example photo on the main camera OPPO A5s enabled HRD (source)

The same shot as before, but with twice the zoom, which can be implemented without loss of quality (source)

Another photo in HDR mode (source)

And this photo was taken in the room (source)

Photo in normal mode (source)

With selfie camera fared better – here she is at 8 MP. Here what-what, but a decent photo with the front camera I certainly didn’t expect, but as it turned out, quite in vain, they definitely deserve attention. Pictures on this camera work is detailed and with good color. When shooting in Portrait the background is well-recognized and rid of the person in focus. There is also the so-called “beautification”, it’s a Chinese phone, there is, but I use her, of course, will not.

Selfie in standard mode (source)

Selfie in the bokeh mode “Portrait” (source)

Selfie with maximum settings “beatifica” (source)

Now let’s finally move on to the “guts” OPPO A5s. A particular advantage of this device is its battery, whose capacity is 4230 mAh. This battery is not the greatest, but he is more than many of its competitors, and coupled with mediocre hardware and a small screen resolution, gives tangible life expectancy A5s on a single charge. When playing videos at full brightness, the smartphone has been with us about 9 hours, but with moderate daily use (messengers, a little YouTube surfing in the browser, a few calls and a little gaming) it could hold out until the next evening.

For the performance of the OPPO meets A5s chipset P35 Helio, in which four Cortex-A53 operate at a frequency of 2.3 GHz, and RAM to 3GB. All this “filling” provides smooth and without problems with the performance of the phone in the mode “during the day” (browser, simple apps, music, etc), but when it comes to performance-intensive 3D games, A5s begins to take positions.

A significant role in the smooth running of any smartphone in addition to “stuffing” plays operating system and the launcher, if any. In this case we are dealing with Android 8 Oreo and launcher Color OS 5 version. It’s a pity that OPPO A5s not delivered “green robot” and a version of the original launcher later, but in fairness it should be noted that these iterations of the OS have a very smooth operation. Personally, I’m always impressed by Color OS as it is functional, beautiful and productive, and buy this smartphone, I have an opinion on the original shell from OPPO has only confirmed.

Summarizing all the testing, I want to highlight two significant OPPO A5s, in my opinion, advantages: surprisingly good filming selfie camera and a capacious battery. Of the minuses, necessarily taking into account the cost 11,990 rubles, I would have said: the lack of NFC, mediocre main camera, no fast charging and insufficient for some modern games performance. Again, based on price, as it often has to do with the budget decisions, I can summarize that this smartphone is definitely worth your attention, which is exactly what it says in the title of this review.

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