Review of the most important advantages of the Samsung 5G

After many of the previous leaks, today we have for the first time a glimpse of the first smart phone that supports 5G networks across the conference Qualcomm Snapdragon annual, where Samsung introduced the phone optional supportive networks of the fifth generation, which means the ability to reach speeds of up to 1 It phones, which may be based You Galaxy S10 template.

Samsung confirmed that the phone just version is optional, but it possesses a attractive look, although there is a note in the top right corner of the screen, what may point to hide the fact the design of its next which will be based on the hole network, as the campaign phone also has a rear camera a dual, headphone port, and a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which is detected newly.

Watch the video in 4K

samsung 5g smartphone impressions device 2

During the review of the Samsung capabilities phone was announced that it connected to the 5G optional and able to broadcast and view videos in 4K on a screen connected to it wirelessly, but was not allowed to touch the phone because it is installed in a specific manner to get the best connection to the network as it is not allowed to walk behind him, which comes due to the fact that the network and the phone is still in the testing phase.

Despite all that, I phone that displays several movies from Netflix in 4K without any delay, to add the ability to display video screen supports this resolution brilliant.

It is reported that the leaks pointed out previously that the phones supporting the network of the fifth generation will be thicker, but the Samsung test looks skinny as usual.

Download high-speed

Not Samsung is the only one that reviewed the capabilities of 5G networks in the phones, where Motorola made also a special version of the Moto Z3 not allowed to touch it or move it, and test upload files online via a special application, where it took going to the file size of 1 even in just 19 seconds, which means that the theft amounted to 0.42 it/sec, although this is extremely fast, however, it is less than half the speed promised by the new technology, which we hope will inform them already immediately launched extensively later.

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