Review of the Audio Pro Addon T3: the sound, embodied in the design

The market for wireless speakers is now booming devices appears very much, though often they all look and sound the same. In most cases, these devices don’t even deserve attention, but today’s our guest managed to surprise all in the wording — largely its design, which find quite difficult. This is a really interesting column that has a chance of success. And Yes, she looks like a Koala, right?

Audio Pro Addon T3 is available in different colors: white, black and blue, and all models are equipped with a comfortable leather top handle. Because there is a built-in battery, the handle is clearly not superfluous (in comparison with the same T10, which works offline), because you are more likely to move.

Yes, this is not the column that you want to throw in a backpack to take to the road, as the T3 weighs more than 2 kg. However, if you transfer it from one corner house to another (or the country), the weight is quite acceptable. Size 215 x 135 x 115 mm not too big.

Durable case attaches to the column of solidity is immediately evident that we are dealing with a quality sound system. It is very well made with nicely rounded edges. By the way, is specially made legs front longer than the back: they tip the front of the speaker up, providing some space to dissipate sound. A sign of professional audio equipment.

On top of the speaker you will find a number of buttons, made in attractive metallic color. Perhaps they are even too much, because not only has a special button to pair the speakers with your phone, but also a separate button to switch to Bluetooth and AUX.

For example, the last two can be easily combined into a single button and pair button seems to have strange decision, when many other devices go into pairing mode when you just hold the Bluetooth button. A bit sad that even with all these buttons there are no controls media playback, so you can’t pause or skip tracks on the device connected via Bluetooth.

One of the chips Addon T3 — USB port on the rear of the column, which can be used to charge the smartphone. However, it sends only 5V / 1A, so charging is not very fast. But on a picnic or traveling. Inside the T3 has a digital class D amplifier which delivers 2 x 5 watts to two tweeters at 2.75 inches and 15 watts to the woofer 3.5 inches. On the rear panel is a phase inverter hole and speaker has a frequency range 60-20, 000 Hz.

T3 Addon provides a steady and powerful sound for a speaker this size. However, its low frequency may be a little loud on some tracks. I noticed this on the example of “My Silver Lining”, where some violin became a little distant, but otherwise was nothing to complain about.

A special genre of preference it does not show, to the maximum using all the above mentioned abilities of engineers. Of course, a Bluetooth favorite smartphones Yes tablets music you can listen to, and it is quite good quality, but with the connection of the sources of sound “better” device reveals its potential more fully.

Loved how the column handles, for example, with the last in 2011 remaster album The Wall by Pink Floyd. The bass is very “neat”, the middle is also not break the pile. And with the classics, and contemporary popular music (of the last twenty-thirty precisely) Addon T3 is also “understood” quite well. Column cope perfectly with the treble and middle, but sometimes the bass can be lacking. The same T10 seemed a little brighter pobezovice Yes, but it is bigger than that, actually, this impression explains. Stock volume however enough. For maximum volume, however, we for a long time didn’t Unscrew, even for areas highly visible areas of the column is definitely enough, and even neighbors will be able to join the high sound.

Time battery life is estimated at a decent 30 hours at medium volume or 12 hours at full volume music so the speakers should be enough for more than enough life to be your companion at the party. Keep in mind that the speaker is not waterproof, so if you are planning a pool party, better yet to bring the column home.

In General, Addon T3 we liked almost everything. Move around the apartment, house, dacha, and the rod of a Hi-Fi sound can move with you. In addition, its sound quality is more than decent, and the service life of the battery excellent. Therefore, this column is very interesting and versatile solution for home that can fit perfectly with almost any decor. Bluetooth allows you to connect your favorite gadgets as sound source, but can be cable necessary. The sound (through the use of proprietary solutions) is very, very decent. If you can call minus the price of about 20 thousand rubles? I think this question should leave out.

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