Review Nokia phone 7.1

Ask the company HMD Nokia Phone 7.1 new in the market Saudi Arabia in this article we will review be Phone features and disadvantages


From the standpoint of design it comes from the front screen, measuring 5.84 inch with a bump the top of the screen contains the speaker and front camera below Nokia logo, either from a cell phone comes with a glass cover and two background within the framework of the prominent and LED flash and fingerprint background quick response, in the middle of the phone the Nokia logo to work according to the traditions of the East, also comes under Phone metal buttons raise and lower the sound and the power button is the top port for headphones and the speaker sound is loud and pure, as the phone supports two slices or a slice and that external

I like the design of the phone size phone hand-held and easy to use with one hand, as I liked the quality of the manufacture of the phone .

The screen

The phone comes screen measuring 5.84 inch 1080 in 2280 pixels of the LCD type and technology HDR10 and brilliant colors suitable for watching videos and games that support HDR


Case technology the phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 636 performance average memory random 4 GB internal memory 64 GB, available as version memory random 3 GB memory internal 32 GB.

The performance of the phone for his actions is considered excellent and is of phones available and I am having problems using the phone to use the phone to follow up the application of social networking and some of the other applications and on games it offers excellent performance for the games that don’t require hardware powerful to run them, and on the battery the phone comes with a battery with a capacity of 3060 amp sufficient for the working day using the average

The camera

The development of the camera phone in conjunction with the company ZEISS is not the first cooperation between the two companies has made the company a lot of phones in collaboration with ZEISS in the arena before the acquisition by HMD on the Nokia phones and still the partnership level.

The phone comes with a camera background of the first 12-megapixel camera girl lens 1.8-second and 5-megapixel girl lens 2.4, the front camera is 8-megapixel girl lens 2.0, also features a camera application with many modes of photography like professional photography, which allows the adjustment of the shutter speed and sensitivity of ISO, white balance, and also within the asanas to is the filming of Live Bokeh effects for insulation with determining the level of insulation, also from The within-mode imaging is the imaging Dual that lets you export using rear and front camera take picture launched by the company filming booth style photography predecessor.

These are some of the results of imaging with a camera phone:

The system

The phone comes with Android 9.0 the phone under the project Android is backed by Google so send another Updates Security directly and fast as the phone supports operating systems Android that you trade on the responsibility of the user .

I liked the phone manufacturing quality and updates directly to the quality of the camera and the size of the phone by hand, and I did not like not to exploit the interface of the phone is full the phone especially easier.

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