Review mouse Logitech MX Master 2S

I’ve designed Mouse MX Master 2s by company Logitech for users who want to enjoy the experience more efficient and smooth, as this allows the mouse user to move quickly and smoothly plus it has a sophisticated and stunning design, convenient and high accuracy. Bottom line, you think the FARC MX Master 2S is the ideal choice for gamers and graphics professionals.

Here’s a review of Phare MX Master 2:

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Feature frac MX Master 2S beautiful design, it is also available in three colors; grey, dark blue and white. Measuring 126 x 85.7 x 48.4 mm while with a weight of about 145 grams, although the weight may seem heavy from the side a bit, but it’s not quite affect the performance. Moreover, the caught mouse itself seems balanced well and comfortable.

Besides the button the two dates around left and right and scroll wheel located in the Middle, features the MX Master 2S also wheel extra next to the thumb grip for the X-axis, in addition to five other buttons (Back button, button progress, button, gesture, button, switch mode in the middle, and a button to determine the situation in the back). All these buttons (except buttons L and R) highly customizable.


Enjoy the FARC MX Master 2S features a built tremendous, it has been designed to meet most of the requirements of computer applications, from word processing and web surfing, even post-processing of images and videos as well as graphic design.

And most importantly, it is very suitable for games, although it is not the best. It has been designed with a focus on the game such as minimal latency, the exchange of DPI during the development, and the Sniper.

Containing mouse also on some of the wonderful features and impressive such as sensor Darkfield, which allows for tracking high accuracy on any surface up to 4000 DPI. I have been testing this sensor on the glass and silk sofa stuffed with towels and dishwasher and even oven gloves are stained, the result was it worked well.

There is also a system Logitech Flow, which not only allows you to connect to it and use it on three devices and computers are different, but also do so at the same time. This means that it can seamlessly transition from one computer to another, even copy and paste texts and files without pressing a button to switch between systems.


As for performance, the company Logitech to collect micro-structure and tracking of high precision (especially for Phare wireless) in a single device with the flexibility and ease of work through the provision of a double connection via USB receiver Unitech Unification or Bluetooth and then press the control.

All of these factors combined to increase the productivity and multi-tasking effective. You can edit your video clips in one computer, and answer emails in another PC, play a game of strategy depend on the rotor in a second without flicker or toggle escaping. Thanks to the sensor with a resolution of 4000 DPI, you can do this on almost any surface, which increases its elasticity.

Moreover, thanks to the program Logitech Options, you can customize the buttons of the mouse according to your needs, in addition to adjust the cursor scrolling speed, enable or disable the SmartShift address the status of the scroll wheel, turn on or off Logitech Flow.


Available frac MX Master 2S at the price of 99 USD


Difficult to find flaws in the MX Master 2S, it features all the specifications and functions cutting-edge which will help you creativity. More importantly, is she enjoying the buttons are customizable and the performance is seamless and delicate.



  • Customizable buttons.
  • Tracking on any surface.
  • Easily switch between computers.


  • Not suitable for those using their left hand.
  • Not suitable for FPS games.
  • A bit heavy from the side.

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