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The phone OnePlus 6 different storage capacities and capacities memory random different terms comes with a storage capacity of 128/256 GB with random access memory 8 GB or storage capacity to 64 GB with random access memory 6 Gb so recommend that you choose the capacity right for you from the beginning because there is no port for external memory, in addition to it will the phone supports dual-SIM.

Also offers you phone technical resistance against the water spray just so I make sure not to submerge the phone in water so that the company did not provide a specific standard for this technique.


Comes phone OnePlus 6 with a thickness and weight is very suitable where the weight of the phone is 177 grams and while it comes with a thickness of 7.8 mm and the phone comes with a screen size of 6.28 inches in addition to a battery with a capacity of 3300 Milli amp.

And offers phone OnePlus 6 The quality of manufacturing is very high as the phone comes with a bottle of gorilla from the fifth army in the rear and the front of the handset and the aluminium frame with a deflection in the back of the phone body and the protrusion of the rear camera Double while comes a fingerprint sensor below the rear camera and is working wonderfully and jump into an excellent.

And you will find at the bottom of the phone port of the headset to the 3.5 mm next to the USB Port-C company in addition to one headset and is not in the optimal place because it is very easy blocked out the sound and it was also preferred that the phone comes with headphones.

There is also a button on the phone especially to transition easily from silent mode to general mode without unlocking the phone.

The screen

Come phone screen size of 6.28 inches and is AMOLED and the display system 19:9 and come 1080 (+FHD). As you will come to the screen design of extrusion which can be hidden and should be noted that this extrusion will need a front camera accurately 16 mega pixel camera, speaker and LED flash.

And think screen excellent the light and the angles of vision and is pretty good on the hand degrees of contrast and depth of black color but not the same level as the screens of the S9 and S9 plus but you can rely on us to share content.

It is also worth mentioning that the phone OnePlus 6 had been added after the properties and that are worth mentioning like put night which allows you to use your phone in the dark without eye fatigue and put reading and is a reading system that converts the screen to white and black.

As for the photos they are considered to have good performance, but easily blocked.

Performance and software

Phone works processor Snapdragon 845 and processor graphics Adreno 630 and depending on the storage and RAM available will the phone offers a smooth performance and excellent designs, programs and games.

And the phone comes running Android 8.1 and one Oxygen and is the closest operating system Android crude and that has contributed significantly in improving the performance of the phone also. And will allow you to the phone also use the fabric later for Android P.

In addition to that will give you the phone several properties such as a property click twice and change the Settings page to black color will also allow you phone change your color notifications and icons.

The camera

The phone comes with a camera background Double background accurately 16 mega pixel camera girl Lens f/1.7 with sticky optical and digital and camera second will come precisely 20 mega pixel camera and the same Lens Aperture and that will be more custom for portraiture or characteristic bokeh effects, for example, and this camera contains no feature optical zoom, but it will contain the zoom capability of the digital to twice or more.

And the beautiful thing is it’s been an additional 4K with 60 frames second or 720 pixels with 480 fps and the camera application is easy to use in terms of implementation in different settings.

And in general the quality of the sound and excellent detail with the extra power, but it disagree with the poor lighting and that will offer you satisfactory results and are not the best, but there is improvement from the previous version.

And for front camera it comes to accurately 16 mega pixel camera with a video capability 1080p video with installer digital and with camera experience with the characteristic bokeh effects to isolate the background is good think of where you can use them in photo sharing via social networking sites.

Battery life

Come battery with a capacity of 3300 Milli amp and through the phone experience the time of your run the the screen will up to 5 hours and a half.

And no, the phone supports wireless charging technology, but in return you will be provided a phone charger dash where the phone OnePlus 6 one of the fastest phones which offers you fast charging technology provided to use the charger and cable of your phone to take advantage of this technology fully.

This topic review mobile phone OnePlus 6 appeared on Engadget.

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