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Presented Alcatel phone a new average rate of IFA 2017 which phone Alcatel new A7, although the phone does not offer a lot of specifications except that it is characterized by having the screen higher than expected and a good battery for the price.

The phone is available in the Saudi market at the price of 839 SAR, comes to the office to buy two and that random 3 GB internal memory 32 GB.

Design and

Alcatel A7

Features phone Alcatel A7 stylish design for phone average, which comes in a fraction behind the Black Metal modern with the feel of the clear lines and gold donation button to the main, upper speakers, a fingerprint sensor and camera lens. Despite good design, however the phone comes in one colour only.

The edges of the phone are curved and smooth, cover the metal with feel good. The phone comes with a 5.5-inch bigger than average, and although it can carry the phone easily but it’s a little hard to access with your thumb the other Party of the screen, making it uncomfortable for those with small hands.


Screen Full HD have the space to screen clear and bright, although the company has just zooms the screen is just about average but it looks good.

A fingerprint sensor located under the rear camera, which works at a good speed, but he’s inconsistent sometimes. Place the sensor increases the likelihood of smearing the camera lens every time you try to open the phone.

The phone comes with a port that headphones the traditional 3.5 mm on the upper part, The lower part Viola mcbrain voice around the charging port micro USB. On the sides of the phone, Viola button images and button of energy.

The camera and battery life


Presented Alcatel in this handset a huge battery 4000 mAh can be fully charged in about two and a half hours, which is a good battery for the price of the phone average.


Phone Alcatel A7 comes with rear 16 megapixel and front camera of 8 megapixel and the rear camera is able to capture the image of the good daily with a ratio of jamming in some cases.

Specification and features of other

The phone comes with a processor MT6750T eight nuclear powered memory random 3 GB internal memory 32 GB, there is a place to an external memory up to 128 GB through a microSD slot.

The phone is running Android 7, will be updated to the Android system Oreo at a later time.


This topic review mobile phone Alcatel A7 appeared on Engadget.

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