Review headphones wireless ear Master & Dynamic MW07

Is the headset Master & Dynamic MW07 one of the possible versions of the performance so stunning that presented in the market of Bluetooth headsets, as they come on the same level as the pricing of the headset Sennheiser Momentum which is priced at about $ 300, with the highest performance and quality in sound.

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Specifications headphones Master & Dynamic MW07

Come hear the Master & Dynamic MW07 highest performance among the other versions that exist in the markets, where it supports clear standards of Bluetooth 4.2 with support for the aptx which is of specifications of major importance in the support of audio files high-quality files such as ALAC, وLDAC, standards IPX4, so the design of the handset is resistant to water spray.

Will not expect to hear the Master & Dynamic MW07 when supporting the user’s performance just stunning, with the sky in a box packaging luxury, with a portfolio of distinctive design, metal of stainless steel, it features safety packaging some writings, along with 5 cushions to the ear.

It also houses the sky box. and another folder, also make the sky two wings that support the firming headphones Master & Dynamic MW0 in the ear of the user, a specification that is often presented with the versions and sports headphones Bluetooth to support higher fastness headphones in ear when you exercise.

Also comes box headphones with the USB cable C to USB C, it also has a box adapter USB, and the contents of support the user is certainly optimal to use headphones for the longest time.


The design of the headphones Master & Dynamic MW07 clipboard

There is no doubt that the design of the portfolio of the sky of metal from stainless steel distinctive design, elegant and luxurious, this design leaves the fingerprints of the fingers on the clipboard, it is also known to scratching, on the other hand supports the design of the clear lid magnetic arbitrator for the province.

Also features a clipboard-lit LED reveal the battery status, it also comes with a USB port C, also do not need the part allotted to the heavens in the portfolio on the magnet, so the user will have to install the sky in the clipboard manually.

While come the heavens manufactures manual with a set of possible colors for the design of the phone, as the buttons do not come with multi-touch in the sky, but they are not among the nurses needed often of users, so come the heavens right-to control the level of audio in the left-hand side of the sky, while comes a play button, pause in the right-hand side.

Also can be prolonged pressure on the buttons in the sky to carry the personal assistant, and let the buttons navigate between media, also you will get in the sky on the characteristic of the automatic stop, and you can also use one side of the clear water, it is planned to support Bluetooth 4.2 connect only one, so in the case of a change of pairing to the device, else the user will need to press all the buttons to conjugations.

Headphones Master & Dynamic MW07 do not support user application of the particular it is possible that progress in the headset Sennheiser that come with the same level of pricing, and also don’t let them listen to the surroundings of the user when placing the headphones so the user will turn off the sky in the beginning.


Charging the battery in the headphones, Master & Dynamic MW07

Can charge the headphones Master & Dynamic MW07 in full in up to an hour and a half, and is scheduled according to the specifications of the company that supports the sky the user’s age charge up to 3 and a half hours, and in the practical experience of headphones, with the audio setup at the level of 60% of the fish are already making the period of charging up to 3 and a half hours.

Certainly age shipping will be the best among other versions of Bluetooth headsets is possible in the markets, only to keep headphones Master & Dynamic MW07 will support you with Fast shipping it is possible and very important to support the user, as it can be for the province to support the user up to 3 times of charging or total of 14 hours charging, also can be up the proportion of the shipping in the portfolio to 40% in just 15 minutes.

In general supports user battery well, except that the executive headphones for a long time the user will need certainly to take a portfolio of heavens for re-shipping again.

Master & Dynamic MW07

Acoustics in-ear Master & Dynamic MW07

In the experience of the process of audio in-ear Master & Dynamic MW07 and compare it to headphones, Sennheiser is possible with the same level of pricing, came headset Bluetooth Master & Dynamic MW07 perform better with a small lead from the headset Sennheiser, so let the world hear a Master performance of the amazing and very cool in the level of the base, with very balanced.

Also will hear a Master performance of the balanced fabulously in the experience of the voice of the persons, with the tones balanced and also tones of musical instruments without any initiative at the level of the base in audio, also no different performance possible in each hand singly heaven, as make the performance wonderful in phonics level low or average along with the highest level of Health.

It also excels hear and Master about the Sennheiser in the sound stage, also do not come to the phone any lag, or suspend in operation, on the other hand provide headset mics good experience in calls only that Sennheiser excels the quality of the acoustics in the place where feature two of Cameron with the advantage of isolating the ambient sounds.


I don’t doubt that a company Master & Dynamic made version distinctive pioneer in the experience of sound with headset MW07 wireless, as that fish comes to the highest quality manufacturing, with luxury design, it also supports the user to perform the amazing overtake the small lead for the Sennheiser that comes with the same level of pricing for users.



  • Luxury design headphones and a clipboard
  • The performance of the amazing pioneer in acoustics
  • Good battery life with fast charging technology
  • Supported standards USB C
  • Support audio files as possible with the highest quality


  • I don’t support the pairing more than the device
  • Microphones do not support performance optimization in Call
  • There is no application dedicated to the heavens

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