Review headphones Simgot EM5 — radical changes

You have happened is that a girl friend that you have not seen for several months, during this time, changed her hair, dyed her hair and completely changed the style with the wardrobe? Approximately the same metamorphosis happened with Simgot, presenting a line of hybrid headphones. Today let’s talk about their flagship EM5.

In the past, the company has released several models in the series EN700, characterized by a classy design and a signature warm flow. According to the results of a “trial balloon”, the company decided to slightly revise its approach to sound and to be used for the top models of the hybrid scheme. The flagship of the EM5, in addition to 10 mm dynamic transducer uses a TWFK-30017 for medium and high frequencies as well as SWFK-31736 for ultra-high end of the range. Of course, the price tag was significantly increased, the older model of the company at the time of writing this review costs $ 500, but it is almost “normal” price for petitioner hybrids.


  • Emitters: 10 mm dynamic + 4 x balanced armature
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Frequency range: 15 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: <1%
  • Cable: removable, with duchenois connector, copper + silver plated copper
  • Plug: 3.5 mm TRS

Packing and delivery

Well, finally someone decided innovative approaches to packaging. Simgot box, made from comfortable material with a texture is opened by stretching in the manner of a drawer. Inside, in addition to the headphone and cable to them, are:

  • two sets of 3 pairs of tips, a bit different sound
  • a spectacular case of brown leather, reminding one suitcases

And, of course, let’s not forget about the precious instructions and warranty card.

Design and comfortable wearing

I think, having read this far, you already have an idea about the appearance of the headphones in the photos but just in case talk a little about it. At this time, the IEM is made of transparent plastic, is placed on the outer side of the metal insert. Hull have a teardrop shape and a fairly compact size for a comfortable fit. I do not know how anyone, but I EM5 resemble the gas tank of a motorcycle, or some detail from the aircraft 30-ies, have them design something retrofuturistic. In Simgot very high quality beat material and color: clear plastic not white, but slightly Nude, the same color scheme and has wire. The color inserts on the front panel echoes the shade of the splitter and plug. On the one hand it’s the little things, with another — it is this attention to detail and gives a thorough approach to design.

EM5 worn behind the ear, and thanks to a fairly long zvukovou provide sound insulation, slightly surpassing the average level. To wear the earphones cable-down is theoretically possible, but in practice it goes very, very uncomfortable.

Wire a plug, used in some unusual connectors. More precisely, the plugs themselves duchenois, of course, is standard, but the socket on the headphones is located on a small ledge, in turn, the connectors are made with piping, thus providing a seamless connection. In fact, connect to the headset will turn any suitable plug, but to look aesthetically pleasing, it will all be only with the native cable. However, the wire supplied is very good. It is soft, almost confused and not harden in the cold, MIC no effect. In addition, this cable is also very beautiful: smooth weave, good choice of color — all done in accordance with the “fenshen”.


To listen following equipment was used.

  • Yulong DA9 and Resonessence Labs Concero HP in the role of DAC and amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as the source
  • Fidelia in the role of player
  • Lotoo PAW Gold, theBit OPUS#2, Astell&Kern, A&ultima SP1000 and the role of other portable players
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening headphones were heated for 48 hours, changes in the sound were observed in the first 4 hours.

According to the developers of the headphones in the hybrid models use the same speakers in EN700Pro, but listening to the new model, it’s hard to believe. Even if you throw the MF/HF range, for which the answer of rebar, bass headphones is also very similar to the EN series. The total supply is made in a neutral manner, in addition, the flagship has a high length HF, which imposes certain requirements on the source and quality of the material. I haven’t tested the EM3, but, judging by the reviews, they look like “five”, but with a lesser extent high frequencies, apparently, the average model is just stripped SWFK-31736.

Bass in EM5 fast and accented, but with the positive sides of hybrid schemes: density, drums, weight. There is a transfer of rolls, bumps and rumble, as well as good texture. Because of the lack of traditional underscore bass headphones may not suit fans of “the pile”, but this model was built with a maximum view to the natural, hence the more smooth. The bass here has a very decent depth and is normally controlled throughout its range.

MIDs can be divided into two parts. The lower half is served in a manner reminiscent of the sound dynamic emitters: bare and smoothed together, but with a good resolution and ground. Male vocals sound authoritative, have good physicality. The upper MIDs serves as neutral as possible, with a slight emphasis on micro-contrast, it’s a bit like the effect of the clarity in Lightroom, the sound becomes more “transparency” and to emphasize cleanliness. Maybe it’s some deviation from a totally neutral delivery, but it sounds very nice, especially on high quality recordings. An imaginary scene more average in depth and width with good separation plans and the correct positioning of the tools.

The upper frequencies have increased length and a pleasing natural attacks and fades. It provides incredibly realistic, especially noticeable on the records of the rich timbre of instruments, these overtones, attenuation, and small nuances are present here. HF as good resolution, and even have a dear layering, but there is not the slightest attempt to smooth the “top” by adding them comfort. In addition, the headphones impose high demands on the material and the source because they do not have a typical obstruction above 10 kHz (or more precisely — it is less pronounced), so all the dirt and problems specific to poor quality records will be filed very clearly.

Speaking about comparisons, the segment “about $ 500” the last time actively filled with hybrid headphones, so that it is similar model and acted in comparison.

iBasso IT04 Also megadriver model with a hybrid scheme, but the sound they have a more colored presentation. Headphones iBasso accentuate the midbass region and the beginning of verhnesadovogo range, so the choice between these models is completely subjective and depends on personal taste preferences.

IMR R1 non-standard hybrids that use a speaker and ceramic emitter for RF. IEM data are also characterized by high length of the HF, but with ceramics, the “top” here a little and smooth telesna, MF R1 a little closer to “dynamic” sound with slightly less detail and bass British model weightier and deeper, but also less detailed.

Dunu DK-3001 Perhaps the oldest of the hybrid megadriver models in this segment. Dunu have a little less depth in the bass, while more detailed in midrange and a little easier on the treble, but they are not critical to the source.


Of course, these headphones are not designed for phones or even the budget segment of the players. A good source with quality control of the entire range and without undue emphasis on the treble, it is absolutely necessary. If you tilt the top segment, from what I have in stock they best showed their FiiO X7-II and iBasso DX150. Also a good bunch has been with the DX200 with amplifiers AMP7/AMP8.

Stylistically versatile headphones, but, of course, they are disclosed more fully with rich nuances styles like chamber music or progressive rock. The quality of the material EM5 critical, so on a 10-point scale of “picky” they get 9 points.

Several traditional tracks for example.

Opeth — In My Time of Need Group, is strongly associated with me Bruce Banner: here we have an intelligent Professor, but it is worth it… same with Opeth, easily changing complex multi-pass prog-ballad to the roar of distortion and growl. However, this track is almost devoid of gravity, while the complex percussion and sometimes allude to the stylistic origins of the group. EM5 here as never good: all the nuances of the vocals, the volume, the substrate is a dense rhythm section — all they can do.

Robert Plant — Polly Come Home Another fine test of the potential of the headphones. Powerful, rolling and extreme low frequency beats will show that the IEM is capable of bass, and plant’s vocals and the backup singers is quite a hard material, showing the resolution and the dynamics of the rest of the range. The flagship Simgot here to cope, without question, the punches sound realistic and familiar, yet slightly melancholic this time, the voice is fascinating nuances.

Marvin Gaye — Sunny I can’t even remember such a great kever: brilliant star of the soul to echo the famous disco hit, transforming it into a completely different work. The heroes of today’s review did not fold and this time, carefully renders all the nuances of recordings, from vocals to orchestral accompaniment.


I think you already understand the review that the headphones were very interesting. Unusual appearance, not trivial but quite “expensive” sound, well-set price — all this shows that Simgot found his market niche.

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