Review: headphones Moshi Avanti-C luxury used USB-C Digital

 مراجعة: سماعات Moshi Avanti-C الفاخرة التي تستخدم منفذ USB-C الرقمي

Having started the USB-C port in achieving wide-spread in the various categories of digital devices such as the situation gained, laptops, smart phones, tablets, tablet, has become the many accessories of that mobile devices that support USB-C. while a phase shift towards the use of new product is tiring and expensive for the vast majority of users, however, this challenge – and in fact may carry with it the emergence of a new generation of accessories that offer the user new features actually never thought of before.

Among those accessories which you must use to see it a lot in the next phase of heaven that works through the USB-C port instead of the AUX port traditional. In the following lines, we provide a quick review for the Moshi Avanti-C Institute for the exploitation of this new product, and get to know what offers this product is distinctive in that category, as we have several other extensions of the production company itself, “Moshi – Moshi“.

The beginning let’s look quickly at the difference between using the headphones for USB-C port and use port الAUX traditional, which today is dwindling so much his presence in laptops and modern smartphones. Is USB-C port number for the transfer of data compared by the implementation of an analogue of the traditional which we have known and used for decades, and which enables the transfer of massive data, voice, and image layers in a similar manner to transfer data to the sky and not just transfer the audio signal.

Other variation is in how much energy that can be transferred through the USB-C port, which is used by the vast majority of smart phones, and even the need has Portable of the company at the current time, this product is able to provide clear and too much energy compared to the energy of the fringe is extremely simple in the past generation from conventional speakers. This allows for such as Avanti C-run coefficient of built-in sound use the sound of my electronic “EQ – Class G Amplifier” without the need for external batteries.

You won’t get with this new generation of the heavens to the sound of more points, but you actually get more sound power and intensity, as you will get deep – Bass a lot stronger, you will be able to be patient especially in the case of listening to songs, examine a lot better but the sound more versatile and powerful due to the transfer of the image data is complete as well as the ability of the heavens to the use of electric power in the image processing and control through digital logic.

I like very much the choice of the company area here, Moshi, to continue with the previous generation ports audio AUX, because who the hell would buy the fish and will probably more than an electronic device called some of the ports are new and others are old. The company offers with the product cable you can connect the headphones by making the traditional according to your needs, but you of course won’t get the advantages of audio added in that case.

Longer headphones Moshi Avanti-C one of the early heavens of luxury in the category of fish that supports the outlets of the new, and in addition to that, raw leather, luxury, flexible, high quality made pieces contact the ear to give a comfortable feeling severe when used for a long time. Outlet only here is that you can hear some audio about the heavens which is common with class headphones. Sold headphones Avanti-C at a formal price of $ 200.

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