Review headphones KZ ZS10 — high emitters for the least money

The company KZ — is not new in Chinese models, but still they escaped my attention, mainly because their models were very much budget, both in price and sound. But with experience comes professionalism, and KZ pulled the quality, so let’s talk today about their hybrid flagship ZS10.

Any other company would have grabbed a 5-handler hybrids a few hundred dollars, examples I already had on the review and will still be new, but KZ are not. For their model with one dynamic and four wire radiators, they want $ 45. I, of course, looking at the cost of emphasis do not understand how they fit into the Procrustean bed of this price, but consider the income of the company is clearly not my task, I’ll just tell you about this model.


  • Transducers: dynamic + 4 x balanced armature
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 22 kHz
  • Cable: 1.2 m, removable with dukenbai connectors
  • Plug: angled 3.5 mm TRS

Packing and delivery

ZS10, like nearly all other models are shipped in a modest box with not very dense white cardboard, opening in the manner of a box. Inside is a clear plastic cover, under it — the plastic tray that holds the headphones from the shipping hardships. At the bottom of the box the purchaser will find the cable, manual and three pairs of odnoplanovye nozzles (which, by the way, KZ with an unusual corrugated on the outside).

In General, the package is rather modest, but we’re talking about the budget segment, so for him, perhaps just enough.

Design and comfortable wearing

When KZ is not trying to “prune” the design of well-known companies, their products obtained quite a respectable appearance. Of course, the ZS10 is not a masterpiece of design ideas, but for my taste, for a budget segment, they look interesting. A model exists in different colors, I came across a smoky grey. The case is made almost semicircular, despite the large size, my ears got headphones fine but the owners of the auricles smaller, perhaps, will have to try them on before buying.

Ergonomics have “a dozen” is quite decent, there is no crushing of the edges in the sound channel is directed at a normal angle, so they are worn fairly comfortably for quite a long time. Thanks to its large body, covering the part of the ear, their soundproofing even a little above average, however, for the subway or airplane, it still will not be enough.

Separately, I note the design faceplates, this role is played by the printed circuit Board with electronic components, I think it’s a crossover, but don’t be surprised if it turns out that it stuck just for beauty, because she looks spectacular. Although still surprised, that would be too illogical. Through the transparent body, by the way, can be considered a large part of the filling and check the emitters, making sure that you are not cheated.

Wire traditionally made replacement, as reasonably selected dvojjnaja connector plug. Included cable imagination is not amazing, but for the price looks and works fine. It is moderately soft, a little hard in the cold, but a little prone to tangling. There is a slight noise from the friction of the clothes, but ear-hook negate this effect. Normal thickness instill faith in the durability, but so it will only show the years of operation.


To listen following equipment was used.

  • Yulong DA9 and Resonessence Labs Concero HP in the role of DAC and amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as the source
  • Fidelia in the role of player
  • Lotoo PAW Gold, theBit OPUS#2, Astell&Kern, A&ultima SP1000 and the role of other portable players
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening headphones were heated for 48 hours, a noticeable change in sound is not observed.

Judging by the reviews, previous hybrids, the company ZS6 differed quite a bright sound which was not to everyone’s liking, KZ thought, and decided ZS10 to make dark flow, devoid of emphasis on the treble. The funny thing is that the reinforcing emitters in the flow ZS10 almost inaudible, or, more precisely, not hear what used to expect from them.

Low frequencies are quantitatively moderate, focusing on quality, for its price, normal. The speaker is not super fast, but for this segment is quite decent. With the exception of the most difficult styles, he copes with the textures and build the foundations of melody. At NCH have depth, albeit not extraordinary, the bass control is also available.

SCH also not super-detailed, the resolution is good, but obviously not what you’d expect from megadriver fittings. In General, MF is served smoothly, without pumping and strong color. However, they are not exactly “smoothed zero”, so headphones good for its price conveys emotions and can play not even a particularly brutal strand. Imaginary scene a little less than average depth and width, but the feeling of stiffness there.

The upper frequencies on the supply — typically reinforcing, with a little bluff and attenuation attacks, they are served in a dry manner. The resolution is also OK for this price range, but quantitatively markedly took them into the background, creating the “not annoying” sound. Think, sensitive to the RF range of people will like this, but for my taste — quantitatively the “top” could be added. However, when you consider that headphones designed primarily for mobile phones, files in MP3 and streaming services such as filing verhnesadovogo range looks quite deliberate step.

Comparisons? Don’t even know what to compare them this time…

Alpha&Delta D3 a Very good model for Basedow — a deeper and more dedicated woofers, but with a little extra treble without much, however, the difference in quality. At midrange they are slightly less detailed than KZ. As D3 has a more affordable price and smaller dimensions.

MEEAudio M6Pro Mk2 Perhaps the complete opposite ZS10 — more neutral, more detailed, sharper equal. In General, cold taste monitors vs headphones.

KZ ZSA AND another relative new from KZ, came recently to my hands. I don’t have time to survey, so only General impressions. ZSA noticeably brighter on VSC and treble that brings them to that sound that I love, but on bad recordings they can sound harsh, and the bass a little permission they do not reach the ZS10. However, given the even smaller price, ZSA is a very strong competitor “a dozen” is not particularly sensitive to HF people.


Headphones quite well you’re doing with the phone, the benefit of the KZ there is a replacement cable with the headset and cable option with Bluetooth. Some cool source for them is clearly not necessary, because the model is made with an eye to the “simple user”.

Genre they are moderately versatile, but naturally, I gravitate towards simple music: pop, electronica, not too heavy rock. Sensitivity to the quality of the recording they are not prohibitive, on the scale of 10 points to 6.

According to tradition, a few tracks as example

Walking on Cars — Speeding Cars is Very good and original Alt-rock band from Ireland like specially wrote a song for ZS10: crisp, effective bass, distinctive vocals — it all just perfectly placed on the supply of these headphones.

Gotan Project — Bolzano it Seems that this team becomes a regular guest in my collections, it is very cool sounding variations on the theme of tango mixed with anything. Especially if you emphasize the bass, as does the older model in the line of KZ.

Zak Abel — Love Song and, finally, a bit of pop. A spectacular bass line and drums, quite unusual timbre of the vocalist, a good diversity of melodies — everything you need to showcase heroes of today’s review.


In General, KZ made a very good model, and before I met her I was expecting the worst. When I saw a good design, normal build quality and appropriate price category sound. Had the company not for nothing is one of the strongest players in the budget segment, surely it competing, often with itself.

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