Review headphones-ear wireless Apple AirPods 2

After the success of the first generation of ear headphones wireless AirPods from Apple, even endured the company of the second generation of the heavens in the month of March last. And apparently, this new generation brings some simple improvements to the features previously provided with the first generation.

And exciting is that this new generation comes with a portfolio which provide wireless charging technology.

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You review headphones ear wireless AirPods 2:


Come hear the AirPods 2 the same design of the first generation perfectly and there is no difference between them or even the color of the extra stop difference between them. However, the difference appears simple in the holster the LED lamp, which tells you battery life, is now out there instead of inside, as the clipboard includes a separate Lightning instead of USB-C, which is a good thing certainly.

As for manufacturing quality, I still used the sky material polycarbonate, a strong material is extremely plastic, and come all to hear, with a weight of 4 grams, while the weight of the portfolio is about 38 grams.

Come all Hear also the dimensions of 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5 mm, while come the clipboard dimensions 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5 mm.

Hand wear, there is no problem in wearing the earphones for long hours, where it will remain constant while walking or sitting, but you may feel that it is about to topple while running this due to its design, so it might be the sky not suitable for athletes bit.

Performance and health

Use headphones AirPods new chip known as the H1 and that will do the job Hey Siri to become the personal assistant effective all the time for listening and your orders instead of pressing the rice every time to run it. Not only that, the chip H1 excels on the W1 on several factors, including better management of the consumption of the battery, as well as a new version of the Bluetooth (4.2 to 5.0).

The use of the sky is smooth, no problems, no delay in audio when watching videos, as he can use one earphone while listening or viewing or calls normally. Add to that she also supports the function of automatic stop, once the remove the headphones from the ear, is turned off automatically.

It is worth mentioning that he can’t be coupling two devices at the same time, this option is not present the current situation with the headphones AirPods 2.

Unfortunately, there is no support to resist water up to now, there is also no function to isolate the noise, as there is no independent application for the issue of the Equalizer, but can be adjusted through the settings certainly.

As for the question of pictures, we can say that the sound is generally balanced with headphones AirPods 2. Although the sound speakers lacks the power of the pump (Bass), but the clarity of the images shows nicely too.

And in the matter of the High, shows also images well, and the musical instruments are excellent and the interaction between them with ease. It also provides stability in contact with the hardware is excellent, then stay away from devices with a large area, use headphones at work all the safety.

In general, there are no differences in the issue of the sound compared to the first generation of headphones AirPods only loudness, as the sound comes higher with the second generation.


Think the battery is very good with this generation, when using headphones with the iPhone and audio files (the AAC) level 75 dB, you will continue to work even 4 hours and 44 minutes. As for the calls, you’ll be hearing from two hours to three hours. Using the clipboard, see the heavens up to 24 hours without any problems.


Expect to hear the AirPods 2 at a price of $ 199 USD with clipboard support for wireless charging, while the sky without a holster at a price of $ 159 USD. If you would like to get a portfolio independently, they are available at a price of 79 USD.


No different the second generation of earphones AirPods from the first generation often only the presence of some simple improvements. If you own a first generation and want to get wireless charging, you can buy the holster only. If you prefer to remain a voice command is effective permanently and you want to wireless charging, this speaker may be best suited to you.



  • Improvements in the battery.
  • More speed and stability.
  • Wireless charging support.
  • Permanent contact with the personal assistant.
  • Stylish design.


  • The lack of standard water resistance.
  • The lack of the function of noise isolation.
  • May not be suitable for people athletes.

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