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Over the last few years Bluetoothheadphones made a serious leap forward, and not just in the sound. Appeared on the market a new type of “truly wireless” headphones that are not connected by a cable and the joint only a small charging case. Now these models are increasing, but attention should be paid to units.

Let’s face it, one of the greatest contributions to the popularization of headphones without wires made by Apple, when a few years ago showed the world AirPods. But next time, this segment has evolved so rapidly that some manufacturers had managed to circumvent the AirPods on the sound quality (the sound quality of the Apple earphones and the truth behind). And it was nice when the “party” broke Bose is a recognized leader in the field of audio devices, which is known for the introduction of better technology. Yes, this company has released the first headphones for sleeping Sleepbuds, and this year showed SoundSport Free — wireless headphones with protection from sweat.

What exactly is involved in our today’s review so interesting? Yes to all. No, seriously. Starting with packaging and ending with the sound quality — even from Bose we did not expect.

Bose SoundSport Free — dynamic in-ear headphones with passive noise cancelling. They connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and can work up to 5 hours on a single charge. And this despite the fact that the device corresponds to the class of moisture protection IPX4.


The box is made in the corporate style and opens like a book. Immediately before us the headphones in hard plastic charging case. The kit also put a USB cable to charge the “base” (micro-USB, but that’s okay, I’m sorry), three pairs of interchangeable silicone sleeves with clamps (one is worn) and documentation.

Cool look

Look SoundSport Free stylish — plastic case with a nice cover and unusual patterned panels, on top of which is placed the logo of the manufacturer. On the left earpiece is placed only one button — it is responsible for switching between multiple sources of memory. The headphones can remember up to 7 different devices.

On the right building “moved” control panel: here is the volume buttons and multifunction button between them. The latter allows you to answer phone calls and control playback. The action depends on the number and duration of taps. About the health of headphones can be seen in the small led indicator.

Work with anything

Headphones very easy to plug into any smartphone, including the iPhone. Of course, it will not be at the system level, as the AirPods, but still clear — special thanks to “e-girl” that says informational messages when you connect. Including in the Russian language.

SoundSport Free have protection against moisture IPX4 Protocol, so make the best of them on the treadmill without problems — the special coating protects the earphones from sweat. Headphones clearly designed for the active movement and fitness: soft hooks on the ear pads securely fix the housing in the ear shells.

Another feature of these headphones — the ability to extend the functionality and manage the device via the proprietary Bose Connect app, available for iOS and Android. The app allows you to search the headphone, upgrade FOR headphones, adjust the voice prompts to do the manual pairing with the source. The built-in player no, but it is not necessary: in the iPhone’s standard “Music” is very good, but in Android there are at least a dozen good-quality third-party players.

Sound even better

What sound? SoundSport Free not support the codec aptX — however, sport headphones it is hardly necessary, you’re not running under a live recording of classical music. Noise reduction is not ideal, but it was done on purpose: during sports and Jogging you should hear what’s going on, otherwise you can get in trouble.

Bluetooth headphones do not impose such high demands on the source, as usual, so we can safely connect SoundSport Free to any smartphone. The sound of the bass is very clear and crisp, the middle is natural and treble is crystal clear. About the vocals not to mention — everything is on its place.

Compared to other headphones of similar type — Bose SoundSport Free the best sound. It is seen that this device is not from know-Naumovoj of the company, as the leader of the market, who use cutting-edge technology. Compared with the AirPods made no sense: the sound of these headphones in order superior to its famous competitor.

As for battery life, this is an honest 5 hours (we checked), and a backup battery in case allows you to fully charge the headset twice. Get as much as 15 hours to fully charge the base is only 2 hours.

When properly selected for the size of the nozzles headphones securely fixed into ears and not fall out. The only negative SoundSport Free — they are still a little large. I understand why it was done, but at first feel a little uncomfortable. If you have big ears, looks good, but with small headphones will noticeably stand out. But you can be forgiven for the sound quality that Bose offers in his new product.

The verdict

The first pancake came out lumpy — Bose has released a really cool headphone for the new segment, which is actually the future of Bluetooth headphones. SoundSport specialises in Free and very attractive sound, secure fit in the ear and convenient mobile app.

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