Review Galaxy Watch .. What did you do to the Samsung to make it the best smart watch in 2018?

During the conference, Unpacked 2018, held at the beginning of the month of August last, the revealed Samsung announced a new smart watch has chosen not to name Galaxy Watch.

It was supposed to be the smart watch is available in retail stores starting from 7 September, but it seems that the Korean company encountered some problems to meet the demand for advance purchase which explains the reason for the late selling in some markets. This is my review of the Galaxy Watch version 46 mm after 3 weeks of use.


Galaxy Watch
Galaxy Watch
Galaxy Watch
Galaxy Watch

Come Galaxy Watch screen large circular size suitable to the size of the wrist which gives it the appearance of a classically stylish from where the belt is rubber and removable crowns and the two side frame and removable rotation, which is the best possible way to switch between applications and user interfaces.

Both models of the Galaxy Watch will have an AMOLED screen with a layer of protection from the type +Gorilla Glass DX, which might have contributed in rendering the colors brighter so that I – throughout the period of Use – not had any problems viewing the content of the screen even under sunlight.


Don’t expect a long period of operating for for a smart watch possess a colorful screen with several techniques such as the application of global positioning GPS and tracking fitness activities and heart rate, sleep quality and stress. While Samsung promised “several days of use” I didn’t expect more than 3 days but the clock saved me from 4 to 5 days and a half during normal use.

These cities can be up to 12 days when you activate the option “power saving” 40 days in the mode of “clock only”. Which means that you can charge previous only one time per week if you activate the “energy saving” State of the battery reaches 20%.

On the other hand, the run screen is the screen permanently activate the mode of the Always-On Display will experience to use perfectly and you will not get more than a day and a half of usage at best. Previous rechargeable both via the platform of their own – which unfortunately still has the socket microUSB and USB-C – or wirelessly from 0 to 100% in two hours and 30 minutes.

Interface to use

The circular frame of the wheelchair is the main way to switch between the interfaces so you can move it to the left to access a list of notifications and to the right to get to other interfaces, of course, can be relied upon in the development within the menus.

The following top returns the user to the previous interface while following the bottom goes to the user to the main interface as that double clicking on the next bottom activates voice assistant Bixby.

Constant pressure on the screen allows the user to modify the interfaces and agitated and her were new duties, and to pass the finger from the top of the screen to the bottom will appear a drop-down list contains a set of shortcuts fast, such as brightness, flight mode and battery, the settings menu and put back the inconvenience.

Thanks, possess a microphone and microphone can Galaxy Watch in the case connected with a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can make calls and reply to notifications via the watch directly without having to even touch your phone.

In addition, you can check the content of the previous download, and remove apps and to the size of the remaining memory and battery consumption via smartphone thanks to the application of the Galaxy Wearable. While the application of Galaxy Health allows the user to monitor physical activity, heartbeat and quality of sleep and level of stress.

Operating system

Unlike most smart watches available in the market today, Samsung continues to rely on the operating system Tizen in all of its smart wearable, including a Galaxy Watch, which works by Tizen has been subsequently updated to Tizen

Frame and removable rotation provides the experience of using the series unique in the diversity between the options, applications and interfaces and I don’t think it will be that if Samsung decided to rely on the system Wear OS Google. I can say that Samsung thought out of the box at this point, it can be considered a user on a touch only screen in a circular area of 1.3 inch.

In return, the Tizen system is still very poor in terms of the number and quality of apps available as Plugin Voice Samsung Bixby – installer in advance in the former – can not be described by scared at all if you compare it with Google Assistant.

The result

Provide Galaxy Watch experience use a unique semi-integrated no doubt it is one of the best smart watches available in the market today. If you wish to acquisition a smart watch able to invest an amount of 329 euros in this technique they are definitely an excellent option.

Intervention Comparison Review Galaxy Watch .. What did you do to the Samsung to make it the best smart watch in 2018? Published first in are.

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