Review Fostex headphone T60RP: a worthy update to the legend

Fostex is a Japanese company known not only for discerning audiophiles, but fans of high-sensitivity speakers — very good branded broadband drivers. The lion’s share of popularity Fostex won thanks to his headphones, and are of the opinion that the manufacturer produces only premium device. In fact it is not so, and the model T40RP, T20RP and T50RP now one of the most plaharov available on the market. And today we will talk about the new members of this line — T60RP.

This model appeared on the market only this year and in fact is a familiar representative of the RP series, but have undergone significant tuning in both appearance and sound characteristics. Yes, Fostex decided to do what the last few years have been the craftsmen in the market of sound — modified their headphones and released his own mod.

In T60RP also applies proprietary technology Regular Phase between neodymium magnets high power placed the film aperture, thereby providing a smooth phase characteristic of the signal.


  • Type of alarm: Isodynamic
  • Headphone type: Closed
  • Resistance: 50 Ohms
  • Maximum input power: 3,000 mW
  • Frequency response: 15-35, 000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • Cable: Direct unilateral
  • Weight: 380 g


We have tested was the model of the “press Park”, so equipment show will not work. However, the cable box exactly the put — it is equipped with a combined connector for connection to connectors with a diameter of 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm. Also, the package includes a stylish black leather carrying case headphones.

The new model resembles the classic models of Fostex that the company produced decades ago. Construction is very sturdy — as the saying goes, “made to last”, although this remains to be tested. Bowls made of wood (Yes, you guessed right) — or rather, they are made from solid African mahogany. It not only adds pizzazz to the headphones, but also eliminates the fear of damaging the glossy surface, which is just not there.

The ear cushions and headband, trimmed with a thin skin, almost indistinguishable from the natural. This material ensures a tight fit, but comfortable to wear headphones for a long time. The role played by the ventilated Cup an ear in the headphones not sweat. The weight for plaharov not too large — 380

The headphones do not slide off due to the thick band of thick skin. Headband and cups are connected metal runners that allow you to adjust the fit for the most comfortable use.

As connector Fostex used a 3.5 mm four-contact TRRS connector. That is, if you wish, you can easily use a custom cable, including balance.

In General, about the appearance of this model, you can say a lot — even the manufacturer claims that the bowl of natural mahogany gives the sound more depth (we’ll see). Their main feature is the fact that it’s isodynamic headphones.

The sound and features

What good isodynamic headphones? At the heart of the radiator lying parallel grids of powerful magnets. Between the bars is placed a membrane with a conductive track. When the last electrical signal is supplied, and an alternating electromagnetic field which interacts with the permanent magnetic field grids. This causes the membrane to vibrate and create air vibrations which are perceived by the human ear as sound. Due to the design features of these radiators have a very flat frequency response and high detail, so many top models of modern headphones use exactly this mechanism.

This and bribed many T40RP and T50RP, because for its price models do offer a chic sound. But if T40RP had an emphasis on mid -, and 50-I, the model had a smoother frequency response with full bass and great enthusiasm for USC, the sound T60RP more smooth, balanced and discreet. The timbre of these headphones is more similar to the T50RP, because they have deep bass. But the rest is a completely new model, unlike its predecessors.

The use of the embouchure to the increased thickness made the sound more neutral, and the volume has increased due to the greater distance from the membrane to ear. Finally scene (which was lacking in previous iterations), the sound is very accurate with excellent localization of instruments. Mid they are not highlighted, but the high frequencies are crystal-frequency. We tested these headphones with the player AK70 Mk II from Astell & Kern and was pleasantly surprised how good the source is completely new to expand the sound.

Someone may not like the overly accented sibilance, but to capture this feature will not everyone. The problem is, if you can call it that, is solved by choosing a less sharp source.

Some tracks for example.

Deep Purple — Smoke On The Water. This track is very good to evaluate the ability of the headphone to the technical solos and piercing vocals. The voice sounds very rich, while in the background the guitar is not lost. Electronic organ gracefully complements the song, it is clearly possible to capture each instrument.

The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face. Again faced with very cool vocals and deep bass. Bases sounds very deep and not “buzzing”, while a lot of it, but without busting.

Rebecca Ferguson — Fine And Mellow. Graceful Blues performed by famous British singer literally causes chills to run down the skin, it is possible to analyze separately each instrument — from keyboard to saxophone.


Fostex T60RP will be a great headset not only for home but professional use — a rich pedigree for this they have. They are comfortable and for the money continues to offer a sound quality, being versatile and not whimsical genre. Pick them from the right source, and provide quality sound for a long time.

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