Review for Sport Galaxy Watch Active the Samsung

Samsung launched its Smart Custom Sport Galaxy Watch Active during the month of March last. And, apparently, the previous considered very excellent for the price; the $ 179 dollars, very suitable for people athletes who want to get a smart watch at favorable price.

Correspond hours Galaxy Watch Active with Android and iOS so it can be paired with devices that support the two systems, but it is worth noting that there is no version of the former supports the connection of LTE.

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Here’s a review for Sport Galaxy Watch Active from Samsung:

Design and

Comes previous design is extremely comfortable without the edges, so as to make it commensurate with all the uses of sports with all the safety. Weighs at around 25 grams without the bracelet, and its dimensions are 39.5 x 39.5 x 10.5 mm, and for fish, it comes with a thickness of 40 mm for the same 20 mm bracelet.

We have been manufacturing the bracelet of silicone so as to be fit with exercise, and there is the bracelet in all colors of the variety, and yes it can be changed.

Come screen the existing hourly OLED the size of 1.1 inches with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and 462.8 pixel per inch ratio of 1:1, and the screen about 25% of the structure of the former. There are also two buttons per hour; button back button main menu.

Available in Silver, Black, Rock, Green, and supports the standards of 5ATM and IP68 for water resistance.


Available previous processor Exynos 9110 dual-core from Samsung with a frequency of 1.15 GHz, with operating system Tizen OS 4.0. Is available with the previous app, which provides all the options that you will need which will operate smoothly without any complications, including sensor heartbeat sensor lighting and sleep.

One of the most important what distinguishes this watch from other watches, is a feature of the Stress Level which will figure out the amount of pressure felt by the user through the beats of the heart, and then you provide some tips and during the performance of the user for data.

Expect the former with all existing apps, including Spotify and my Fitness and other apps that you will need during exercise. Moreover, this watch also feature the prediction of auto-stimulation.

As for the storage capacity, comes previous memory random with a capacity of 750 MB, while the internal memory capacity of 4 GB.

The Watch supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 and NFCو GPS.


This watch comes with a battery with a capacity of 230 mAh that can work up to 45 hours, making the battery life less compared to the hours other. But anyway, the Watch supports wireless charging technology.


Think hours Galaxy Watch Active very excellent for the users athletes and especially owners of phones Galaxy, they are very comfortable while wearing and responsive performance, this in addition to they provide new features and multiplayer.



  • Refined design and convenient
  • Suitable price
  • Multiple functions
  • Screen bright


  • A small screen
  • Lacking dialogue and a roller coaster
  • There is no support for LTE
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Battery life short

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