Review for remote control advanced Logitech Spotlight

Submitted company Logitech recently controller New developed especially for presentations with a spot light, and turned the company about the advantages offered by this device which will make a significant difference to bidders. The Logitech Spotlight a remote controller is small and sleek and does not allow you to move slides back and forward, but also allows highlighting and some areas in the screen. You can also use it as an indicator to click on the links that appear on the screen.


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Comes your Spotlight small size where the dimensions of 0.48 x 1.10 x 1.59 inches, and a weight of 1.7 ounces, the device features are round convenient and comfortable to the hand.

In one party there is a USB dongle, which reveals a mini-USB port to charge the unit. According to Logitech, you should take the machine in action for up to three months after shipping one. The dongle to your computer, and continues with the Spotlight via a radio signal, and you can also connect without the dongle using Bluetooth.

The device comes with three buttons; the main button and the border in the middle which is used to move to the bar to show the following, comes underneath the smaller button which is used to return to a previous display. As for the second button, he is the youngest, which is a small indicator above the middle button is used to show up to three different indicators on the screen.


The device Spotlight diverse features most notably a feature that allows you to highlight a certain part company with the blackout the rest of the screen so that it becomes the focus more clearly, and can also adjust the ratio of the brightness of the lights. There is also a zoom feature which zooms the content within the circular area of the network, and this feature to select a certain part without affecting the content.

You can access these features by pressing down on the pointer button for a few seconds, and you can then navigate between all of the features that have been revitalized through the dual pressure.


The process of installed application supporting the device easy to include a video guide a short teach you everything. Once installation, drop-down lets you adjust various features, including the possibility of allocating a capacity of the multiple buttons on the upper or lower, including the rapid assessment and emptying of the screen and scrolling and volume control.

When you workout your Spotlight on your Mac using the PowerPoint presentation, the Spotlight clearly with moving slides forward and backward without significant effort, it’s also very easy to find the middle button without looking at your device by just touching.

Interestingly, although the buttons ratings and site only work on programs specific presentation (PowerPoint or Keynote or Google Slides or Prezi), the features of lighting and zoom work on your Mac regardless of the program on the screen. One of the most exciting things about Spotlight is that it works even through the remote connection.

Prior to the completion of your presentation to five minutes, the device will Spotlight vibrating alert you, knowing that you can adjust the duration you want it to.


A Spotlight at a price of 130 USD.


Lets you device to Spotlight a great experience with presentations, it provides all the advanced features which facilitates you the process of submitting content, moreover, it features a design very comfortable to the hands.



  • Offers great features to highlight in your presentations.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Programmable buttons.
  • Stylish design and comfortable to the hand.


  • Its price is exorbitant.

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