Review for OnePlus 6T

Phone OnePlus 6T is similar a lot with his device OnePlus 6, where the same camera quality as well as the same screen resolution, same battery power and resilience.

Below we’ll show you the most important pros and cons of this device, with the mention of all you may stimulate you buy it.

  • The specification of the OnePlus 6T

Before we get to review the phone OnePlus 6T we must use before you with this machine the possibilities in terms of form and structure as well as the quality of the camera and the battery and other things that you want to know before its purchase this device.

  • Shape and design

Expect from this device only one color which is black color but there are black glossy and black matte finish.

Came device OnePlus 6T thickness and weight greater than that of your OnePlus 6, the first thickness of 8.2 mm and its weight reached approximately 185 grams, stay tuned though this will not find any problem in carrying it, due to the bends present in the art.

The screen came on the form of note which made the edges of the device is smaller and its curvature has increased the ease of carry and its shape.

Making the device from the glass in a metal frame, a regiment of the device and the back came from the glass.

There in the back of the device rear camera dual flash Leeds is binary, either in the front facade we find the front camera at the top of the valley, in addition to hearing the calls to sensors.

There is in the machine from the top of the microphone is extra special as it works to isolate the noise, as the bottom of the device we find a port Usb, headset phone external and microphone calls.

  • Memory

The phone came by a copy of the 128 GB and 6 GB RAM, and the second with a capacity of 256 GB storage and 8 GB RAM.

  • The screen

The screen comes up type Optic AMOLED is the best screen in the world which will be manufactured by Samsung.

Came screen space reached 6.41 inch and density of about 402 pixels per inch, as the screen of the device came neatly the FHD, and their quality has reached to 1080×2340 pixel dimensions of 9:19.5.

The best you’ll find in the screen is a layer of protection from the type of bottle of Corona gorilla the previous version, making it more resistant to scratches and fractures.

Under the screen of your OnePlus 6T approximately 85.6% of the total area of the company.

  • The camera

Protects the device rear camera double as the rest of the phones in its class, the camera first, bringing the accuracy to 16 mega pixel girl lens F/1.7, with sensor type Sony IMX 371, and the US stated that there is no development in that the camera is not in its accuracy, there is something different about the camera is the OnePlus 6.

Price and specifications of the OnePlus 6T

Also the front camera came accurately 16 mega pixel camera girl lens F/2.0 in addition to the sensor type Sony IMX 371, but it is also the same camera the OnePlus 6, we develop the camera.

  • Battery

Battery capacity of the device 3700 mAh, due to its large size they hold you a long time without the need to shipping, but the more you use the company the lower the capacity of the battery to hold on with the continuous usage of the phone will be with you the battery to nearly six hours.

More what distinguishes the battery of this device is that it supports fast charging with Dash Charge, which is the technical terms for OnePlus.

  • The performance of the phone OnePlus 6T

The machine works very quickly, as stated in the permit to buy a OnePlus that this phone is the fastest phone running Android.

The phone came with a processor is extremely powerful, but it’s the latest processor from Qualcomm processor type Snapdragon 845 which made B 10nm, and that is why he is strong performance and saving battery, it also octa-core.

  • Features Phone OnePlus 6T

  • The battery supports Quick Charging.
  • Technology supports the N FC NFC as well as rapid transport.
  • The camera supports a property Installed Visual OIS installer الالكترونيEIS .
  • The performance of the camera is excellent both rear or front camera.
  • Defects of the phone OnePlus 6T

  • Does not support radio.
  • Does not support external memory.
  • There’s no possibility of wireless charging.
  • The phone box does not come with the earpiece of the device.
  • Does not support bulb notifications.

Review for OnePlus 6T

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