Review for iPad Mini new: still the best tablet device!

Apple has announced the iPad Mini on the 18th of March last, and then the release with the end of March. The device is considered very strong compared to its small size, it’s become as powerful as iPad Air 3 in terms of specifications.

The device is available in a double version with version supports Wi-Fi connection only, and the issuance supports Wi-Fi and LTE, and is available both versions with the same storage capacity but different prices.

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Here’s the review for your iPad Mini:


Comes iPad Mini with a weight of 300 grams and dimensions of 203.2 × 134.8 × 6.1 mm, and come his dialogue is a bit thick. The most important characteristic of the device is its small size which is convenient and very comfortable for the hands, of course, is not in line design with the design of tablet devices modern, but in some form or another is suitable and very practical.

The device includes separate Lightning to the people through him, as he needs a 3.5 mm headset, this is a good thing. Moreover, the device supports the function of Touch ID to open the lock by fingerprint and also supports the first generation of Apple Pencil.

The device is available in Silver, Gray and gold.

The screen

Come device screen type Retina Display the size of 7.9 inches, while the total accuracy of 2048 x 1539 pixels at the rate of 326 pixels per inch, the screen being bright and impeccable and sharp vibrant colour. Include the screen the screen of your iPad 4 a bit, it has a layer of glass thin and Slim, which makes drawing them using Apple Pencil looks natural and more.

The display features a wide range of colors P3, as also used True Tone Display which operates to adjust the white balance with the surrounding environment.

Of the most important characteristic of the screen is that the company added a color film DCIP 3, the colours are excellent too. As has also been raising the illumination level of 450 nits to 500 nits.

The camera

Has your iPad Mini a rear camera accurately 8 megapixels girl lens f/2.4 which is fairly good and getting the job done, but don’t expect them filming HD in low light conditions.

As for the front camera, it has been updated compared to the previous version, they come strictly 7-megapixel camera instead of 1.2 MP with aperture f/2.2, and is considered a factor of development that the front camera is more important given that the use of the front camera tablets, you think more with video calls and other.


One of the most important changes you will notice with this device is the processor A12 Bionic new drive with Apple’s nervous, which is making the performance fast and smooth. Moreover, it has been updated also running iOS 12.

During the test the performance of the machine, he has scored 11515 degree, which is the same result recorded by the performance of the iPhone XS, which also has the same processor. In this way, the iPad Mini is one of the fastest tablets currently exist.

The device comes in internal memory with a capacity of 64 GB or 256 GB. Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, and provides a higher version supports all of it in addition to LTE connectivity.


Work battery iPad Mini up to 10 hours of continuous playback with Wi-Fi, and the battery is fully charged in two hours and 19 minutes.


The starting price for the iPad Mini from $ 399 USD and up to 679 USD with a version that supports LTE.


Features device iPad Mini with many of the powerful features found in iPad Air 3, but with the size of a small processor and advanced operating system and a smooth and modern. Most importantly, it supports Apple Pencil this in itself is evolution from the old version.



  • A suitable size of the hand.
  • Supports the first generation of Apple Pencil.
  • Its strong features.
  • Front camera improved.


  • An old design.
  • The edges of the thick.
  • Its price is higher than the iPad 9.7.

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