Review for Infinix Hot 6X

Phone Infinix Hot 6X smart phone was launched in last October for the current year of 2018, has been added to this smartphone to the family of phones infinite be adding new and fun for that company.

Detailed review for Infinix Hot S3x

This holds the device features several distinguishing it from other, has put the company more characteristic of the device Infinix S3x telephone Infinix Hot 6pro and merge them together for this phone possible.

In the following we will use you more what distinguishes the phone Infinix Hot 6X also mentioned its flaws, proceed with us.

  • The specification of the phone Infinix Hot 6X

Protects the phone many features such as big screen strictly the HD cameras of high quality which supports artificial intelligence, in addition to a powerful battery with 4000 amp, and running Android Oreo 8.1, and other nurses, which we’ll talk about this at length in the following lines.

  • Shape and design

The phone is available in many colors, the most distinctive is the Black color which is the most prevalent also, as for the structure of the phone came out of matt plastic and not glossy, the screen is glass, the edges of the metal aluminum.

The back of the phone the index is 6 include a dual rear camera which is designed to vertically protruding slightly from the back, as there is in back of the subject fingerprint sensor.

A quick review of the phone infinix smart 2 pro

The front of this phone came download screen note, containing a screen on the front camera as well as headphone calls, they also flash the front sensors.

The bottom of the device we find the port the usb is available loudspeaker and microphone calls, either at the top we find the headphone port.

  • The screen

Up screen space to nearly 6.2 inch, as it came from the type of IPS LCD quality and the HD+, where up accuracy to about 720 x PS average density of 268 pixels per inch.

Cover the screen area of 82% of front-end dimensions 9:19, in addition to all the above, you should know that the screen supports multi-touch up to ten points, and also supports the put eye protection so protect your eyes from harmful blue light to work if you use your phone for long periods.

The brightness of the screen works automatically, not by any problems even under the rays of the sun, to the screen was enough to see clearly.

  • The camera

Protects the back of the device rear dual camera, the first camera accurately 13 mega pixels, the second camera came with 2 Mega Pixel and its role is to isolate the background and the bokeh and isolation and all of that with a flash binary from the type of Leeds .

Choose the rear camera in the index is 6 x from other family ones the existence of artificial intelligence.

The front camera comes with 8 mega pixel with flash in front of me in Leeds, and another role is to recognize the face and unlock the phone, i.e. the device supports fingerprint, face, but this will take some time until it is facial recognition.

When you shoot video, the camera supports shooting video quality FHD 1080p, it also offers good sound and pure, but you need to install the position of your hand to prevent the vibration of the video.

  • Battery

The device’s battery came with a capacity of 4000 amps and continue to work with you and your use of the device to nearly six hours ago, and large cities with use.

The battery does not support fast charging, as that the process of re-charging the battery takes a long time, you may reach the cities charge the phone to about three hours.

  • Memory bunting

The phone comes categories category memory 16 GB with 2 GB RAM, or memory 32 as 3 GB RAM.

  • The performance of the phone Infinix Hot 6X

Be Phone ones is 6X with a powerful processor of type MSM8917 Snapdragon 425, a powerful wizard sure, feel his power in the performance of games and also applications, where navigation between all of the applications quickly and the quality.

  • Features phone Infinix Hot 6X

  • Contains FM radio.
  • Supports fingerprint and face.
  • Good camera performance serious, especially with the availability of strong lighting.
  • The device has a powerful processor too.
  • The device supports video shooting quality the. FHD
  • Defects of the phone Infinix Hot 6X

  • There is no bulb for notifications.
  • The performance of the front camera is very bad due to lack of adequate lighting
  • Sometimes it works portraiture bad, especially in the identification of the parties.
  • The imprint of the face, working slowly.
  • The battery does not support fast charging.
  • The duration of charging the phone very long.

Review for Infinix Hot 6X

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